Targeting is a ubiquitous aspect of the platform, and is the primary method for determining which parts of the hierarchy will be the recipient of, or affected by some content.

Example of common targeting selectors

Examples of Purpose

The below examples aim to give an idea of the role targeting selectors play in the platform.

  • In the E-learning tool, it is used to determine which users will see the training module in their My Training tool.
  • In Manuals and Files, it is used to determine which users will have access to the file.
  • In the Service Desk, there are multiple sets of targeting selectors, used to determine which users will take on the different roles (Owner, Administrator, Submitter) for a category.


The selectors that are available in a set of targeting selectors may differ, depending on the type of content that is being targeted. However, the way any set of targeting selectors behave is more or less consistent, and there are four main criteria available.

Target Country

This selector is only available to World Managers, when viewing the platform at World level. Here, the Countries that the content should be available to can be selected. 

Example Country targeting

If the content will only ever be targeted at a single Country, consider creating or moving the content to Country level.

Target Location

If at World level, this selector will only become available once specific Countries have been selected using the Target Country selector.

This selector will show all the available locations, divided into their respective areas, which are then further organised into tables per selected country (if multiple Countries are selected).

Example Location targeting

Here, there are three ways to bulk select locations. At the top and bottom of the module, there are buttons labeled Tick All and Untick All. As these names suggest, clicking on them will either select or deselect all of the locations available. 

Locations can also be bulk selected per Country, by clicking the Tick All or Untick All buttons to the right of the Country names.

Finally, locations can be bulk selected per Area. This is achieved by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the Area names.

Target Group

This selector will allow you to choose which groups of users the content should become available to. When doing so at World level, the default group names will be displayed – otherwise, the country-specific names will be used.

Example Group targeting

Target Account

The most detailed selector level, account targeting will let you choose which specific accounts will be able to access the content. Similarly to Location selectors, you are able to bulk select accounts in this list at different levels.

Example Account targeting


In any given set of targeting selectors, the group of selectors higher up in the list will refine the options that are available in the selectors lower down in the list.

For example, if certain countries are selected using the Target Country selector, then the Target Location and Target Account selectors will only show those locations and accounts that belong to the selected countries. Likewise, if certain locations are targeted using the Target Location selector, then the Target Account selector will only show those accounts that belong to the selected locations.

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