How to Close a Location

If you have a location that you no longer require you can close the location instead of deleting it, to retain the data related to the Location Reviews & Incident Reports completed at that location.

Note: If a location is deleted the location reviews & Incident Reports completed there will no longer be visible. If you require assistance restoring a location please contract

The option to close a location only appears when if the 'Opening Date' custom field is active for Locations. The custom field can be found in System → System Configuration → Custom Fields, while at world level.

When this field is enabled there will be an extra option that appears in the settings for a location called 'Ownership History'. This setting will allow you to set an opening and close date for a store, as well as tick 'Close' should the store no longer be needed.

Now the store will have the text 'Closed' appear next to it when it is viewed in the location list in the platform.

Note: Closing a location does not remove it from Stats & Reports. This change is only cosmetic.

A popular way to manage closed locations is by creating an area called 'Archived' in which to place the locations when they are no longer needed. This also helps to quickly deselect the closed locations from targeting selectors, should you need to.

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