Common Content Management Paradigms

Tools that list content in a table usually also include a number of buttons along the right-hand side of the table, allowing administrators to manage the content in a number of ways. 

Icons and buttons commonly seen across many tools

This page goes into detail about many of the buttons and symbols that are common among our tools.

Note: Some of these buttons will not be present on some tools. This can be due to the nature of the tool, or your account's level of access.


These four columns indicate what type of targeting is set on that item. If an item has a target icon in that column, that means that that type of targeting is set to "Specific", whereas the lack of the target icon indicates it is set to "All".

Left to right: Country, Location, Group, and Account targeting

In the example above, the item has Country and Location targeting set to "Specific", and Group and Account targeting set to "All". See Targeting Selectors for more information.


This column simply represents whether or not the item is currently available for use by the targeted users on your platform. A green tick means that it is active, and a red cross means it is inactive. 

Icons representing active and inactive

In many tools, this icon itself can be clicked to toggle between active and inactive. In tools where it cannot be clicked, you will have to edit the item itself in order to toggle it.


This button allows content to be moved between World and National level. For content that is currently at World level, moving it will remove the item from World level, and create duplicates of it in each of the targeted countries. Content completion regarding the moved content is retained. Content existing at National level can also be moved up to World level.

Note: Although content can be moved into multiple countries from World level with completion records being retained, it will not be possible to 'combine' this training back together if you move them back to World level.


This function will duplicate the item. After doing so, the newly copied item will be highlighted, the name will be prefixed with "Copy of ", and it will initially be inactive. Besides records of completion attached to the original item, all aspects of the original is copied.


This button will lead you to a page that allows you to make changes to the item. The contents of this page will differ, depending on the type of tool. For more information about this page, it is best to view the articles pertaining to the tool in question.


This will remove the item from your platform. Any information regarding content completion will also be removed. Unless the item was created in mistake, we highly recommend archiving the item instead, by making it inactive. This will retain the information for future use if ever needed. 

Attention: Note that deletion is effectively irreversible, and in cases where it can be undone, it typically involves extra costs for development work. Please take extra precaution when deleting content in this way.

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