Resizing Images

When uploading images to the various tools on the platform, there are times when you may need to resize them in order to comply with size restrictions and/or guidelines.

Note: For example, you may wish to use an image for a training template; however, your original file is too large. You will then need to resize the image in order to use it.

There are many free applications available that can be used for this. The below instructions are for software called;, which we recommend and use ourselves.

The purpose of this guide is to show you how to use to resize your images to meet minimum size requirements for the platform. If you have had issues with getting your images uploaded on the platform, this guide may help.


1. Go to

2. Click on the "Download" link in the header bar

 3. Scroll down to the 'Download' section, then click on the "Download Now dotPDN" image

4. Click on the link below the "Free Download Now:" text (right-hand side) to begin the download

Note: This will download a ZIP folder, so please ensure you have an extraction software installed to open it (e.g. WinRAR, 7zip, iZip etc.).

Tip: The name of this link will change with each new version that is released.

5. Once the download has completed, navigate to the download location, right-click on the "" ZIP folder and choose "Extract to\"

Note: In the above screenshot, we have used WinRAR to extract this folder. But you can use any extraction software for this step (e.g. 7zip, iZip etc.).

Important: If the name of the ZIP folder is different to what is mentioned above, this is because you have downloaded a newer version of the software. However, the instructions are still applicable.

6. Once extraction is complete, you should see a regular folder named "", which contains the installation file


1. Navigate to the "" folder we extracted earlier (above), then double-click on the file to begin the install process

2. Leave the 'Express' option selected (recommended), then click on the "Next" button

Tip: For the more technically inclined users, feel free to select the 'Custom' option. However, the remaining steps will no longer apply to your installation.

3. Select the 'Agree' option, then click on the "Next" button

4. The installation process will begin to run (this will take a few minutes)

5. Once the installation has completed, leave the 'Start' option ticked, then click on the "Finish" button

Tip: If you do not wish to open software after the installation, simply untick the 'Start' option.


1. Go to 'File → Open'

2. Navigate to where the desired file is located, select it and then click the "Open" button 

3. Go to 'Image → Resize'

4. Adjust the height and/or width as desired, then press on the "OK" button when done

Note: To determine the size, please refer to the image requirements within the tool in the platform that you intend to use the image in. To do this, hover over the information (i) icon of the image upload field (as pictured below).

Tip: One of the useful options in this App is the ability to maintain the aspect ratio when resizing. This will automatically adjust the height as you adjust the width or vice versa, to keep them in proportion.

5. Once you have resized the image, it is time to save it

6. Go to 'File → Save As', then navigate to your desired save location, enter a name, then click on the "Save" button

Important: You must ensure you save the file type as one of those listed in the 'Allowed file types' in the image requirements.

Once the resized image file has been saved, it is now ready to be used in the platform.

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