Alphanumeric Ordering on your Platform

What is alphanumeric ordering?

Alphanumeric ordering refers to a set of ordering rules for how data is displayed using symbols, numbers and letters in order both numerically and alphabetically. Put Simply, it makes symbols, numbers and letters appear in that specific order. This comes in very handy when data needs to be listed in a specific order, Example - Online Modules.

If modules need to be completed in a specific order, adding a number to the start of the module name is the simplest way to achieve this. 

Below we have 3 training modules listed in alphabetical order:

However this is not the order in which the modules need to be completed. By adding a number at the start it will list the modules in alphanumeric order:

Note: Listing a number at the start of the module name does not prevent users from completing module out of order, it only listed them in order. To LOCK the order, you also need to Lock Fuel Gauge Sequence and/or Lock Content Sequence

Where does alphanumeric ordering apply on the platform?

The entire platform uses alphanumeric ordering. Including but not limited to Menus, Manuals and Files, Fuel Gauges and Learning Content.

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