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Navigating the complexities of franchise management can be challenging, but with the right tools, the journey becomes notably smoother. Meet FranConnect's Opener module – your dedicated solution to efficiently initiate and oversee a unit opening process. Whether you're familiar with FranConnect or just getting started, this article will walk you through the Opener module's features, benefits, and best practices, ensuring you capitalize on its robust capabilities to bolster your franchise's growth and success.

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The Dashboard in the Opener module provides the customer easy-to-view metrics to help them track the unit opening process. There are four components to this dashboard - Store Progress Report, Project Status, Problem Locations, and Problem Tasks. Let's take a closer look at each component.

Store Progress Report


The "Store Progress Report" ties into your tasks on the Opener checklists. Each week can have multiple tasks which need to be completed. Weeks will display as green when completed, red when overdue, and blue when scheduled for the future.

Additionally, you can change the chart view or filter by unit using the corresponding buttons at the top of this box.

Project Status


The "Project Status" box is a pi chart which shows the statuses of your various ongoing projects.

Problem Locations


"Problem Locations" will show you the five locations that have the most overdue critical tasks.

Problem Tasks


The "Problem Tasks" box shows you the five tasks that have the most number of overdue statuses. This can help you to determine the existence of systemic issues that are preventing tasks from being completed on time.

Unit Summary


The Unit Summary section within the Opener module is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of a particular franchise unit's details and its current status in the onboarding process. Users can view key data points about the franchise unit, including ownership details, location specifics, and essential dates. Furthermore, the Unit Summary highlights any tasks or milestones that need to be completed for the successful opening of the franchise unit. This section acts as a centralized hub for franchisors to monitor, at a glance, the progression of their new units and ensure a streamlined and organized approach to launching new franchise locations.



The Search section in the Opener module allows users to filter their locations by various criteria as seen in the screenshot above.



The Tasks section in the Opener module assists franchisors in monitoring and managing tasks related to opening new franchise locations. This includes steps like site selection, licensing, training, marketing setup, and other processes required for a successful franchise launch. Tasks provides tools for assigning tasks to individuals, setting deadlines, tracking progress, and ensuring that all necessary steps are completed in a timely and efficient manner.



The Reports section in the Opener module gives you access to various reports about tasks and timelines for your unit opening process.


Having read this article, you should be familiar with the different sections of the Opener module and how you can use each one. To learn more about specific features in the Opener module, check out more of our articles on the topic.

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