Adding a Task to a Checklist for only One Location

Go into Opener and select the location you want to add an opening task. Adding the task this way will only add the task for this one location and no other or future locations will have this task on their list.

Click on Opener under the Admin Tab. 6-15-2022_9-31-30_AM.pngSelect the Task List you would like to add the item for.

Choose the option to Add More to this list.6-15-2022_12-56-40_PM.pngThis will take you to a window to add one or more tasks to add to the list.6-15-2022_12-58-18_PM.pngGive the task a Name, a Responsibility Area, and a Task Owner.

You can also make the following modifications:
- Franchisee Access/Priority: You can edit if franchisee can view this task and their priority level.  
- Dependency: You can choose if the task dependent on a specific date or a different task. 
- Schedule Dates: You can schedule the start and completion of the task. 
- Reminder: You can schedule reminders for the start and completion of the task. 

Once complete click the Add button at the bottom to save. 

Now the task created will show only for this location.

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