Adding a Franchise Location in Opener

You may open a franchise location for an owner that has no Sales module lead record. If there is no lead record, you can add the new Franchise Location directly in Opener. To add a location directly:

In the Opener module, choose the Store Summary page. At the top right of the Store List, choose the Add New Franchise Location link.
6-15-2022_11-19-13_AM.pngFill out the location information on the Franchise Location Details page. 

There are 2 primary identifiers: The Store No./Franchise ID field represents your internal coding convention as well as the Center Name field.

The Area/Region field is controlled in the Admin settings. An Area is used to manage the Sales operations by territory. Sales and locations are associated with an area. Choose AUS or USA, as appropriate. 
- License Number:
Not required.
- License Type:
Choose New, Renewed or Transferred.
- Date Fields:
Project milestones and reference dates.

IMPORTANT: The Expected Opening Date is a minimum requirement and must be provided based on how long it takes you to open a store. Other important dates might be:
- Franchise Agreement Signing.
- Equipment Installation Date.
- Grand Open Date.
- Date Required to be Open by.
- Process Start Date.
- Soft Open Date.

Note: The Project Status is the overall status of this location’s opening project. Each task will have its own individual status.

 Important stakeholders in opening a franchise might include:
- Contractor.
- Marketing.
- Real Estate Broker.
- Retail Department.

Assign names to each field. These people will get email reminders around their tasks.

In the Address fields, add the actual address for the location as well as the contact information of the owner. You may not know them yet, so they are not required. The only required fields in this section are City, State, and Phone.

The Contact Information is automatically populated from the Sales Record in the Sales module (defaults to owner’s name). Contact information is based on the email that is associated with this contact or location information.

In the Add Owner Details section, identify what type of Owner you have, Individual or Entity (sold to a corporation – LLC information).

New vs Existing. You can add a new location  to an existing owner. When you pick an existing owner, you can select them from the system from a drop-down list. IF this is the second unit this person owns, you will be prompted to identify this person with a multi-unit ID. This is related to the Information Manager record - multi unit ID helps us determine someone who owns multiple locations.

Checklists: what needs to be done to open this franchise?

- Primary Checklists are those tasks that are part of the critical path.  At the very least you will need to fill out the Task Checklist (Master Checklist). You may also choose to set the Equipment (which includes quantities of items and vendor recommendations).

When you have completed the information that you have for the Franchise Location, press Add to save the record. The next screen displayed gives you an opportunity to create a user ID for the Franchise User for this location.

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