Why Can't My Franchisees See All Their Locations in Opener?

If your franchisees are reporting that they cannot see all their locations in Opener, you can check the visibility settings on their units. In this article, we will show you how to modify visibility settings on a unit in Opener.

Changing Visibility Settings on a Unit

To change visibility settings on a unit, first click Opener and then Unit Summary on the left-hand sidebar. Once there, click the ... next to the unit in question and click Make Visible to Franchisee on the drop-down menu.

Once this option is chosen, franchisees/employees will be able to see their stores when they login. If this option is not available, the location was likely created in Info Manager and did not move through the Opener process (In Dev > Active) In this case, you can reach out to the Help Desk team via email at helpdesk@franconnect.com and they will be able to assist. 

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