Manage Product Inventory in Shop ordering Out-of-Stock Items


All franchisors — big, small, or in‐between — require consistency in the products sold under their brands. Product standards and specifications are one of the keys to controlling product consistency. Franchisors set product standards and specifications, which means that they tell their franchisees what type and quality of products to buy. Some franchisors give franchisees a list of approved suppliers from whom they can buy their items directly. If the approved suppliers sell only the products permitted by the franchisors — without unlicensed substitutes— franchisors can regulate over the superiority of the products sold under their brand.

FranConnect system offers a section on Product inventory, Suppliers, Shop tab under the Marketing application.
In this guide, we will cover how to manage Product inventory from the Shop.

Go to the Marketing Module, click Shop, and Click on Product.
From the Action Gear, click Modify Inventory for the Manage Category. 6-15-2022_2-10-59_PM.png

Enter Quantity in Hand, Reorder Quantity and Alert Quantity.6-15-2022_2-13-55_PM.pngClick Save.

To Deactivate Products:
Under Manage Inventory tab, check mark a Product No. and click Deactivate.6-15-2022_2-17-08_PM.png

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