CRM Basics – How Corporate users can configure SMS Campaigns  

Nowadays, a lot of businesses use SMS marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. Why? Because it works. More messages received means more engagement and business. More than 99% of text messages are opened and read within minutes of receipt. SMS marketing has repeatedly proven to be by far the most successful medium through which to conduct advertising campaigns - and it is not just us saying that.

You can create targeted SMS messages to reach out to your contacts or leads on the go. To create an SMS Campaign in the CRM module:
Select Campaign Center from the CRM Module.
Click the Create + button and select Campaign.7-19-2022_10-07-29_AM.png7-19-2022_10-08-47_AM.pngThe following Create Campaign screen appears. Click the SMS Campaign tab.

Enter the SMS Campaign name and provide a description for the same.

Choose the Accessibility and then click Start.7-19-2022_10-24-05_AM.pngThe following Select and Customize Templates screen appears from which you can send personalized messages to your audience. You can create your own SMS Template or choose from existing ones by selecting the required tab.

Provide a Name and Description for the SMS Template.

Enter the message text in the space provided.

You can associate an image with the SMS by clicking Upload Image.

Click Save & the Recipient(s) for your SMS Campaign by clicking the corresponding checkbox. You can send the campaign to all the Recipients in the FranConnect System by enabling the Send to All Recipients toggle button.7-19-2022_1-12-36_PM.pngThe following Finalize & launch Campaign screen appears. You can set the campaign duration as well as the time zones of the recipients from

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