Contract Generation - 4. Creating Packages

Once Documents have been created in Contract Generation, The next step is to create a Package

1. Go to (National Level) Human Resources → Contract Generation → Packages

2. Click on New Package

3. Enter the below details:

  1.  Name  - Name of the Package internally
  2. Display Name - Name of the Package the Candidate will see, e.g. Sales Manager - Full Time
  3. Description - A brief description of the Package (If required)

4. Select Targeting, this allows the targeted users access to issue contracts to anyone below them in the account hierarchy

Note: Managers also need to have account permissions enabled individually after targeting is set. To set account custom permissions click here 

5. Enter a Welcome Text Message and Signed Text Message for the Contract Package Examples below:


6.  Tick the Active Box if you wish to Activate the Package and Click Save

Note:  Documents cannot be added to Packages unless they are Active, Documents can be activated on the Documents page

7. Click Save 

9. On the Package page, you will be provided with a table as below, including:

  1. Name - Package Name
  2. Targeting (If applicable)
  3. Active - The Package Active Status, displayed as a Red Cross for Inactive and a Green Tick for Active
  4. Copy Icon - Duplicates the Existing Package
  5. Edit Icon - Opens the Package details to edit
  6. Delete Icon - Removes the Package

10. Now that the Package Name has been created and the status is Active, we can add Documents, to do this click on the title of the Package or the 'Edit' icon highlighted in Red above

11. Click on Open Document Builder in the top right-hand corner to add Documents to this Package

12. When you open the Package for the first time, you will see a number of messages in red as below.

Tip: Use the Live Filter to search for the applicable Form(s) and Document(s) simply by typing characters and it will return all results automatically, E.g. 'Full Time'

13. You can now add each applicable Form(s), Document(s) by clicking on the + as below or Drop files:

14. Once you have added all the required Forms, Documents, and Files you can Click and Drag each so that it appears in the appropriate order, as demonstrated as below:

16. Once you have finished your Package, Click Update and you should see the message:  Employee Agreement - Full Time was successfully updated.

17. Now that you have created a Package, the Package name will appear in the Document Details, under the heading 'Packages using this Document' as below. You can see this by going to:

(National Level) Human Resources → Contract Generation → Documents

Should you require more information please get in touch with our Support Team via or contact your Relationship Manager for more information.

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