Contract Generation - 2. Creating Signature Sections

The First step of Contract Generation starts with creating Rich Text Sections for Documents, Once the content of the section is created with Rich Text Sections, you can add a Manager or Candidate Signature field which allows the Manager and Candidate to sign the document.

When creating Sections there are 2 types:

  1. Rich Text - Used to create text content in Sections
  2. Signature - Uses an electronic signature field that Managers and Candidates can sign

This article details the process of creating Signature Sections

  1. Go to (National Level) Human Resources → Contract Generation → Sections
  2.  Click on New Section


3. You can now give the Section a name and description as below


Tip: When creating Sections we recommend using names and numbers, as once you have created all of your Sections the list will be sorted alphanumerically.


4. You will be given the option for Rich Text or Signature. Chose the type as Signature


5. You can now choose what signature is required. Either the Manager Signature or the Candidate. In this example, we are creating a Section for the Candidate or Employee

6. Tick the Active Box if you wish to activate the Section

Note:  Sections cannot be added to Documents unless they are Active, however, you can activate individual Sections on the Sections page after creation.

7. Click Save 

8.  To create more Signature Sections to add to Documents please repeat steps 1-7 above

9. On the Sections page, you will be provided with a table as below, including:

  1. Name - Section Name
  2. Type  - The Type of the Section created, e.g. Rich Text or Signature
  3. Active - The Sections Active Status, displayed as a Red Cross for Inactive and a Green Tick for Active
  4. Copy Icon - Duplicates the Existing Section
  5. Edit Icon - Opens the Section details to edit
  6. Delete Icon - Remove the Section

Should you require more information please get in touch with our Support Team via or contact your Relationship Manager for more information.

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