Contract Generation - 1a. Section Tags

When creating/editing Rich Text sections within the Contract Generation (CG) tool, you have the ability to insert 'tags'. These tags are populated from the fields that are included in the various CG Forms set up in your platform.

Important: The 'Insert Tag' drop-down is applicable to the 'Rich Text' Section type only. It does not appear in the 'Signature' Section type.

By default, your platform will have the following three (3) Forms set up:

1. Candidate Details

2. Contract Details

3. Position Details

Note: You can view these Forms by going to '(Country) → Human Resources → Contract Generation' and clicking on the 'Forms' tab. To preview the fields within a Form them, simply click on the view 'eye' icon (right-hand side of the screen).

Tip: Customised Forms can also be created (if required). For more information, please contact

Adding a Tag

To add a tag within a Section, please do the following:

1. Click on the 'Insert Tag' drop-down

2. Hover over the Form name (to expand the fields)

3. Click on the name of the field (to add the tag)

4. Repeat Steps 1-3 to add any other required tags

Note: There's no limit to the amount of tags you can insert into a Section. You can also use the same tag multiple times within the same Section (if required). 

Tip: The tag will be added wherever your mouse was last clicked within the text editor box. So, please ensure you have clicked the mouse exactly where you want the tag to be inserted (particularly if there is a large amount of text).

Tag Values

Each of the Forms in your platform will consist of fields for various properties, such as; First Name, Last Name, Position Type, Address etc., which the manager and/or candidate will complete accordingly - we'll refer to these as 'values'.

Now, the purpose of the 'tag' you insert within a Section is to show the 'value' of that field within a Document. This will be dynamically generated by whatever was entered by the manager and/or candidate upon completion of the contract. For example, if you insert the tag for the 'Email Address' field (from the Candidate Details Form), which is {}, then it will (dynamically) generate the candidate's email address when viewing the Document, like so:


If you are unable to locate a tag that you believe should be there, whether it be for a new field or an existing one that was amended, it can be due to the following reasons:

1. The Form, Section and/or Field is inactive

Solution: Please contact

2. Your browser's cache needs to be cleared/updated

Solution: Please clear your browser's cache (see here).

If you have any questions, or require any further assistance, please contact

for: adm,mgr;

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