Contract Generation Permissions

In this article, we are going to review how the Contract Generation Permissions work and how to modify them to allow users from lower Roles to be able to access this tool.

Contract Generation for Lower Levels

By default Account permissions for the use of the Contract Generation tool are disabled to all Manager and Employee roles (this includes Area, General and Store Managers and the Employee role), in the case is needed to activate these permissions please go to:

  1. You can use the Search functionality (magnifying glass icon) to look for the specific account that you would like to modify
  2. After locating the accounts from the results page click on edit 
  3. On the Account settings menu please click on the Account tab 
  4. Click on the Custom option within the Permissions section:

  5. Here you will notice that the permissions for Contract Generation and Dashboard are deactivated: 

After checking both options click on Update and the account now will have access to the Contract Generation tool.

Note: If needed support can bulk update permissions for a big amount of accounts, if this is the case, please send an email to with the ID, UUID or username of the accounts that require these changes.

Tip: It is important to notice that accounts that have these account permissions active will not be added automatically to packages that have specific account targeting so it is recommended to update the package targeting in addition to the activation of Account permissions as required, for more information on this process, please check the following article: Contract Generation - 4. Creating Packages

If you have additional questions regarding this process or need further assistance with any of the steps provided here, please send an email to

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