Add Tabs in Info Mgr- Manage Form Generator

Organizations like to manipulate their own Info Mgr application by adding more Tabs and fields to meet their business needs. This is convenient to add more data and details regarding the franchise location by Corporate. FranConnect system is so easily customizable keeping the users at ease when retrieving and reviewing records. In this guide, we will discuss about how to configure these Tabs and fields from Admin for Info Mgr.

You can start of by going under Info Mgr in Admin.

Click Manage Form Generator and then click continue


Click Add Tab, Enter Display name and other details and click Save.



Click on any Tab,and Add a section or Add New Field to an existing section.

Select Display Type when adding a new field.

Click Add.




Additionally, you can rearrange the fields by clicking Modify Field Position.


Select and Drag the fields then select Preview and Save

You can also Add Documents and save Field type as Document.


You can Add Documents separately as a section from Admin.

Add Document gives two options- Documents with subject or Document only. 




From the Info Manager module, select Franchisees to view Documents fields at the bottom.

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