How to Manage Roles and Permissions for Different Users in Unit Summary

The Unit Summary page is crucial for managing and accessing varied levels of information across your franchise operations. In this article, we will provide a clear and detailed breakdown of how different roles, such as franchise administrators, managers, and staff, are granted specific permissions that enable them to effectively perform their duties. By the end of this guide, you will have a thorough understanding of how to navigate user permissions within the Unit Summary page to ensure secure and efficient access to necessary information.


Accessing User Permissions

The first item we will cover is how to access user permissions in FranConnect. First, log into your FranConnect environment. Then click the gear icon at the top of the page to access the Admin section.


On the following page, click Access Control on the left-hand sidebar.


From the "Access Control" section, click Roles.


From this page, you can create new roles and modify permissions for existing roles. To add a new role, click the Add New Role button above the table.


To modify an existing role, click the gear icon next to the corresponding role and select Modify Privileges from the drop-down menu.


We will further explore this section as it relates to Unit Summary in Info Manager and Opener.

Viewing Unit Summary

Continuing from the previous section, the assignment of permissions will differ based on the type of user for whom these actions are being implemented. Corporate and Brand users can access the Unit Summary and also change the unit's status from Active to In Development.


Regional users, however, are unable to change the unit's status from Active to In Development.


There are two different permissions to address for a Franchise user. First, there is the "Can Access Information Manager" permission. When this permission is granted, the user can view the Unit Summary page in Info Manager.


If the Franchise user is also granted the "Can Manage Units" permission, then they will also be able to view the Unit Summary page in Opener.


Next, let's take a look at permissions for viewing units based on the type of franchise.

Permissions for Viewing a Unit Based on Franchise Type

If you wish to give more granular permissions to a role, you can give them permissions to view only certain types of locations. Again, these permissions are granted differently depending on the type of role. For any type of user, the first step is to return to the "Roles" page we visited earlier.

For Corporate, Brand, or Regional users, these permissions are listed under the "Can Manage Opener" permission.


For Franchise users, the same permissions are available under "Can Manage Units."


Additionally, Corporate users can make individual franchises hidden or available for Franchise users directly from the Unit Summary page.



Next, we will take a look at permissions for viewing and managing units in Info Manager.

Viewing and Managing Units in Info Manager

We have one more set of permissions to review - permissions specifically for Info Manager. These permissions apply to Terminated, Corporate, and In-Development units in Info Manager. All of these permissions will be located in the "Can Access Information Manager" section. Let's take a look at what these permissions look like for each type of user.

Corporate users:


Brand users:


Regional users:


There are no separate permissions for Franchise users to view Info Manager data. The permissions mentioned in previous sections apply to Franchise users.


Having read this article, you should now be able to manage permissions for the Unit Summary pages in Opener and Info Manager.

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