New Feature Release - Courses! May 16, 2024

This week we are excited to announce a brand-new feature to your World Manager Platform, Courses! As you may have seen in our latest roadmap update, Courses will be released live in all systems this Thursday May 16, 2024.

Courses brings brand new functionality including:

  1. Intuitive Modern UX design to keep learners more engaged.
  2. Rapid course development builder for faster content creation.
  3. Versatile training access for all roles including platform administrators and corporate teams.
  4. Informative Course summaries, descriptions, and filters for ease of navigation.
  5. Automated Course duration calculations and priority sorting.

New menu item ‘Courses’

Brand new Training menu item ‘Courses’ is accessible to users via Fusebox permissions, including World and National Managers.


New split screen for better and faster, Fuel Gauge Management

Changes to the Fuel gauge page at World Level easily splits training into 2 types of learning. Compliance based content and self-paced learning pathways (Courses). The new drag and drop feature allow content managers to quickly adjust the order at which content appears. Prioritizing content in a specific order not only for performance but also advertising new course content.


Rapid Course creation

When creating Courses you can quickly and easily browse E-Learning modules and assign them to individual courses. With thumbnail support for image files including .gif support, you can adapt your learning for a more engaging learner experience.


Quick View and Edit Function

Quick view enables a quick look at all the assigned modules in each Course. Here you can also manage and edit each module as well as the E-Learning page.

quick view.gif

New and improved E-Learning Library

When updating or creating E-Learning modules you are now presented with a new option ‘Fuel Gauge Type’ where content creators can define if the module is performance-based training or Courses. This allows modifying any existing modules to be quickly and easily moved over to Courses and vice versa. When Course is selected, you can even add the content to multiple Courses at once.


Modernised User Dashboard for all Users

The overall user experience on the Courses dashboard enables each learner to pick up where they left off for ‘in progress’ courses as well as browse all active and ‘completed’ Courses.


Mobile Support

With today's front-line staff being mobile first, Courses can be accessed on any device ensuring learners can keep up to date with the latest content.


For a full overview of the new courses demo, and an update on all things roadmap for the month of May, please click here:

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