How to Manage Categories in Engage

In FranConnect's new Engagement Portal update, we’ve focused on the categories feature to help you better organize and share information across your network. Now, it's easier to create categories for specific teams and projects, making sure everyone gets the content they need. Plus, you can add videos and images right from the Hub Library to your categories, making your communication more engaging. Let’s get started on simplifying and enhancing how your team shares information.


Categories in Engage


Categories are customizable pages designed to help you organize your essential documents and resources into distinct, single-page presentations, ensuring your most important information is both accessible and neatly arranged. The icons on the Categories box are served from the Categories you have configured in The Hub. An example category page looks like this:


These pages are great resources to provide to your franchisees to help them succeed in their business. Let's take a look at how to build a Category page.

Building a Category Page

To build a page in Categories, first log into your FranConnect environment. Click the The Hub drop-down on the left-hand sidebar and then select Library from the drop-down menu.


On the next page, click the +NEW button, and then select Category from the ensuing drop-down menu.


You will be taken to the following page:


Give your category a name, icon, and an accessibility level. To select the summary format you wish to use, hover over the box with the corresponding format and click Customize.


This will take you to the following page editor:


Note: To add a new element, you must create a space for it to exist so the layout must be inserted first.

From here, you can drag layouts and elements from the left-hand side of the screen into the template. You can also edit all of the layouts and elements that you have added to your page. If you want to see the best practices for element sizing, please see the graphic below for one, two, and three column sizing.


Once you have set up your page exactly the way you want it, click the SAVE button at the top-right portion of the page. Click ADD on the following page once you have confirmed that the new Category is set up the way you want it to be.


Your new Category page will now be displayed in Engage and the Hub Library.


Having read this article, you should now be able to create and navigate Category pages in FranConnect.

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