How to Navigate Documents and Folders in the Hub Library

Navigating efficiently through FranConnect's Hub Library can greatly simplify the process of locating crucial franchise documents and folders. Knowing where to find what you need, and how to efficiently move through the system, can save valuable time. This guide offers a clear roadmap to seamlessly explore and access the content in the Hub Library, ensuring you get the most out of FranConnect's powerful organizational tool.


Navigating Documents in the Hub Library


The first thing you likely noticed about the Hub Library is that we have greatly enhanced the visual experience. These enhancements allow us to streamline the user experience, and to improve your quality of life in the Hub Library. Let's take a look at some of what we have added. To begin, you will notice that your documents are now displayed as cards.


Looking at the document box, you will notice up to five icons on the bottom row. The number of icons you see will depend on the document type and the permissions configured for that document or the user.

From left to right these buttons are: Preview, Share document, Download document, Document properties, and Comments. Let's take a closer look at each option:

  • Preview - allows you to preview the document and to download it if you choose
  • Share document - pulls up the document's URL so you can share it
  • Download document - allows user to download the document if the user has download permissions
  • Document properties - allows you to see metadata, download history, and past versions of the document
  • Comments - if you have comments enabled, they can be left by clicking this button

Note: You can view all comments on all folders in a file by clicking the Feeds button.

Finally, if you prefer a list view, you can configure that as well. Click the list icon next to the +NEW button.


This will not change the way you interact with the user interface, so all the buttons will remain the same. It will only remove the boxes and present a list instead.

Navigating Folders in the Hub Library

You will see that all of your folders are listed on the left-hand sidebar in the Hub Library.


Simply click the name of the folder to which you wish to navigate.


You will notice your subfolders are displayed at the top of the folder and the documents are displayed below them.

Searching for Hub Library Documents in Global Search

FranConnect's global search feature allows users to effortlessly search for documentation stored in the Hub Library. When you first log into your FranConnect environment, you are taken to the Command Center by default. From here, click the drop-down menu next to the search bar at the top of the page and select Library in the "The Hub" section.


Next, type the document you wish to find in the search bar and click ENTER on your keyboard. Select the document you wish to find from the results presented.

Note: Search results are based on internal FranConnect algorithms, which we are constantly improving.


This will open a preview of the document.


From this view, the user can download or print the document provided that they have been granted the correct permissions to do so. For more information on these permissions, please check out this guide.


Having read this article, you should now be familiar with navigating the document boxes. To learn more about what you can do in the The Hub, please check out our other guides on The Hub.

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