Introduction to Engage

Welcome to FranConnect Engage, the new dashboard for franchisees. This platform makes it easy to keep track of important updates, find documents in the Library, and access useful links all in one place. Whether you're managing daily operations or staying informed about your franchise, FranConnect Engage is here to help simplify your tasks. Let's explore how it can make managing your franchise smoother and more efficient.


Components of Engage

Engage offers up to four different components that can be used to keep tabs on different portions of The Hub. These components are Top Stories, Categories, Library Documents, and Links. Let's take a closer look at each one.

Top Stories


The "Top Stories" box maps to the top stories you have configured in The Hub. You can click View All at the bottom of the box to be taken to the News page in The Hub.



The "Categories" box maps to the categories you have configured for your Hub Library documents. You can click on an individual category to be taken to that category in the Hub Library. Additionally, you can click View All to be taken to the Hub Library home page.

Library Documents


The "Library Documents" box provides a quick glance at the documents that have been uploaded to or downloaded from the Hub Library. You can click on an individual document to open that document or click View All to be taken to the main Hub documents page.



The "Links" box shows you the links that you have configured in the Hub Library. You can click on an individual link to be taken there or click View All to be taken to the Related Links page in The Hub.

Now that we have covered the four components of Engage, let's take a look at configuring Engage to meet your specific needs.

Configuring Engage

To configure Engage to appear the way you want it to, navigate to the Engage page and click the SETTINGS button on the top-right portion of the page.


You will be taken to the following page:


From this page, you are able to fully customize the information displayed on Engage. You can disable any of the default boxes by clicking the ... in the corresponding box and selecting Disable from the drop-down menu.


If you decide you want to enable a disabled box, you can click the ... on the corresponding box and select Enable from the drop-down menu.


Finally, you can drag and drop the boxes in the order you choose.


Having read this article, you should know how to navigate and configure FranConnect Engage.

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