Creating a HTML Widget

HTML widgets use HTML code to display a large variety of information using HTML code and CSS styling. 

Tip: Coding experience is required to successfully create HTML widgets from scratch. However, some websites, such as; Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, have HTML 'embed codes' that you can simply copy and paste to use - without any coding knowledge.

Attention: World Manager does not provide any coding support (including HTML & CSS). Please consult with your web development team/contact for assistance with creating a HTML widget which requires custom code.

Please refer to the below instructions for creating an HTML widget:

1. Go to System → System Configuration

2. Click on Dashboard

3. Click on New Widget

* indicates a required field

4. In the Type* drop-down, select the "HTML" option

5. Title*: Enter a name

Tip: This can be anything, but we recommend using something that catches the attention of the targeted users.

6. Description*: Enter a description

Note: Only appears to administrators and won't be shown to users/on the front-end.

7. Preferred Column*: Select the preferred column you wish to display the widget in - either "left" or "right"

8. Target Country: Set target country/countries you wish to apply the widget to [optional]

9. Style*: Choose your preferred header style and colouring

10. HTML Content*: Enter the HTML coding you wish to render inside of the widget

Tip: This can be anything from basic/advanced HTML & CSS coding, to more simple elements, such as; embedded (YouTube) videos, Google Analytics graphs and more.

11. Height*: Specify a height for the widget

Attention: Check the tool tip for minimum and maximum allowed heights in pixels (px).

12. Click Save

Here is the result

So, what next?

Now that you have created your widget, you need to allocate the widget to specific account Roles. Please refer to the following articles:

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