Editing Dashboard Layouts

This article provides steps to edit dashboard layouts for specific user account groups. See Dashboard Management for more information on creation and modification of widgets, and assigning widgets to different account groups. See also Dashboard Widget Sizing Guide for a general guide for sizing content for dashboard widgets.

To begin, open the Dashboard page in System Configuration. Along the top of the page are the different account group codes available (employee account groups are combined). To begin editing the dashboard layout for one of these account groups, click the Edit Layout button below the account group code.

Account Group Codes with Edit Layout Buttons

The Menu will appear in two sections: Pinned, which shows the arrangement of widgets that cannot be moved or removed by users, and Default which shows any remaining widgets available for the group. 

These widgets can be simply rearranged by clicking and dragging from their current position to the desired position. It's also possible to move the widget from the Default section to Pinned. This change takes effect immediately, without having to further confirm the changes by means of a Save or Update button.

The bottom of this page also contains two useful buttons, Reset Layout and Add Default Widgets

The first will cause the dashboards of all users in the selected account group to revert to the default arrangement (that is, the arrangement you see on the Edit Layout page), undoing any widget removals or rearrangements done by individuals.

The second button will add those widgets that appear under the Default section to appear on all the dashboards of the users in the selected account group.

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