Tile Widget

What is the Tile Widget?

It’s a custom-built widget that uses a tile-based “layout” allowing you to create more visually appealing and engaging dashboards.

It’s made up of a number of ‘tiles’ that can be customised with your own brand imagery. These tiles can be arranged in any number of ways, and the text, sizing, tinting, number of tiles, can all be adjusted – even minor details, such as the heaviness of the shadows and roundness of the corners can be changed to suit your needs. Each Widget is hyperlinked to a particular URL on the platform or even external websites.

Desktop Example:


One of the advantages of this widget is that it is fully mobile responsive and able to change its layout based on how much area is available on the screen. For example, the same layout shown above will automatically adjust for mobile users so the tiles remain completely visible, both in portrait or landscape mode. Not only is the widget able to change layouts for mobile devices, but we can change the arrangement and layout itself depending on the amount of screen area available.

Mobile Version:

Each tile can link to any website address you choose, including most platform tools. Some tools only exist for certain Account Groups or at World/National Level, so when you get in touch with our team to discuss the widget, we will make sure that it’s possible to link to the tool or area of the platform during the initial stages of discussion.

There are four common layouts that will work well within our platform:


Note: The provided dimensions within the images are recommended however there are no restrictions on the size only the proportion of each image, if you would like to create a different layout and would like to know the measurements of the images for each tile in that specific layout please send an email to wmsupport@franconnect.com and the dimensions will be provided

You can choose one of these layouts to start off with, or you can use this Excel template to draw your own layout. If drawing your own, our team may need to modify the layout if it doesn’t appear to fit well within the platform but we will discuss this with you.

These widgets can be placed on the left or right side of the dashboard, however, due to the limited space available on the right side, most will switch to a mobile layout.com/go/mO11E2

Mobile Layouts

Based on the layout that is chosen, our team will suggest the best mobile layout so that users of different screen sizes will see the widget properly. The amount of text that is used for each tile label will determine the mobile layout required in order to ensure the user can read the tiles properly.

How much does it cost?

Tile Widgets can generally be created for as little as 4 hours of custom work, however, a quote will be provided once we identify exactly what Tile Widget layout you are after, this also may include creating and designing imagery to be used in the Tile Widget.

Note: Before activating the Tile widget on the live platform you will be able to view the final Tile Widget Layout on the playground platform. Once a layout has been determined and agreed upon, any changes once the Tile Widget is Live will incur a change fee. This includes changes to links and images.

Can I change my images after it goes live?

Yes, after purchasing a Tile Widget you can contact wmsupport@franconnect.com to have images updated as long as they are the same size and format as the image you are updating. There is no charge for updating images.

How to get started

Please get in touch with your Relationship Manager via email so they can create a Service Desk ticket for you to get the ball rolling.

On the Service Desk ticket, provide the following details:

  • Choose (Layout 1-4) or draw your own layout using this excel template. (Each tile should be numbered)
  • Provide the layout number or attach the excel file with your own layout to the ticket
  • For each tile that exists in your layout provide the:
  1. Tile Position
  2. Label (EG: Service Desk)
  3. Tool/URL (EG: https://example.worldmanager.com/admin/page=helpDesk/helpDeskHome)
  4. Images
  5. Any notes on how you would like it to be presented

Our team will then look at what you’ve provided and create a mockup of the widget to show you before we have it built and will discuss any potential issues with the links or imagery provided on the ticket.

Example Request

Please use Layout 2.



Label Tool/URL Image Notes


My Training My Training my_training.jpg Align text to the right.


Forms Incident Reports forms.jpg  


Service Desk Service Desk service_desk.jpg  


Forum Forum forum.jpg  


Notices Notices notices.jpg  


Calendar Calendar calendar.jpg  


Events Events events.jpg  


Zuus https://www.zuusworkforce.com/ zuus.jpg Open in new tab.


World Manager https://www.worldmanager.com.au wm.jpg

Open in new tab.

Blue tint.


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