Dashboard Management

This section of System Configuration allows for the creation, modification, assignment, and rearrangement of widgets on the dashboards of various user account groups.

Widget Management

To begin, open the Dashboard page in System Configuration. You will be presented with a table that contains a list of all widgets available on the platform, columns for each of the account groups, and various icons at the intersection of these account groups and widgets. These widgets are divided into two sections: System Widgets (mostly widgets that share some functionality with one of the platform tools), and Custom Widgets (see section Custom Widgets below for more information).

Cycling Through Availabilities

The icon that sits at the intersection of an account group and a widget represents that widget's availability for that account group. The top of this page contains a key that provides information about what the four different icons mean.

Availability Key

To change the availability for some widget and account group combination, simply click on its icon to cycle through the availabilities. Some System Widgets will not display an icon at its intersection with an account group. This means that, for some reason, the widget or its contents are not applicable for the account group (for example, National Managers do not have access to the My Training tool, and thus would not make sense for them to have a Career Mapper).

Widget Management Table

Once changes have been satisfactorily made to the widget availabilities, click the Update button at the bottom of the page to save these changes.

Custom Widgets

In addition to those System Widgets that are closely tied to specific tools and functions of the platform, Custom Widgets can be created to further customise your platform. These Custom Widgets come in a variety of types, allowing for flexibility in the type of content that can be created.

See our various articles on custom widget creation for more information:

For a content sizing guide for the above, see Dashboard Widget Sizing Guide.

Editing Dashboard Layouts

The way the widgets are arranged on the dashboard can be customised per account group, and depending on the availabilities for that account group, those users may further customise their dashboard. For more information on editing dashboard layouts for account groups, see Editing Dashboard Layouts.

For an overview of Dashboard Widgets, please have a look at the following video


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