Custom Support Requests

Platform administrators may find there are some actions they would like to perform in bulk that are not possible through the platform.

In such cases, they can submit a ticket on our 'OC' platform and have their request reviewed by our support team. To submit a ticket on the OC platform you can use the 'Online Community' option in the left-hand menu or send an email to

Common requests our support team can assist with are:

  • Force completing training in bulk
  • Resetting training in bulk
  • Copying content between countries (such as Incident Reports, Internal surveys, etc)

What is required for a bulk request?

To perform actions to accounts in bulk the support team needs either of the below to identify the account:

  1. Specific criteria such as the account's Account Group, Location, and/or Role. As an example, a request may be to reset training for a specific store for all 'Employee' level accounts. 
  2. A spreadsheet that contains at least 1 unique column we can use to identify the account. The column can be the account's platform ID, UUID, or username. These fields can be obtained by generating an account's report in System → Stats & Reports → Accounts Report.

Note: The account's name cannot be used to identify the account as potentially there could be multiple people that have the same name or a duplicate account has been created for this person.

Custom reporting

If you require information that is not available through the platform's reports, the support team may be able to assist you by generating a one-off custom report directly from the database.

Whether or not the support team will be able to assist with the report is affected by the complexity of the report. 

If you require access to a custom report you can generate on an ongoing basis, you can discuss setting up a permanent custom report with our Support Team, which will give you the ability to generate the report freely as you please. You can read more about custom reports & scripts in this article

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