Submitting Enhancement Requests

Platform administrators have the ability to submit an upgrade/change request via the Online Community (OC) platform.

All submitted requests go through a review process which looks at demand, complexity, and the resources required to implement the requested change or enhancement.

Important: We value our brand community providing feedback/ideas regarding changes in functionality or enhancements to the World Manager platform. Requests submitted with this form are not a guarantee to be implemented into the platform within a certain timeframe.

Submit a Request

1. Log into the OC platform using the same credentials from your platform

Tip: You can also access the OC platform using the 'My Tools → Online Community' menu item on your platform (as pictured below). This is the recommended method, as it will automatically sign you in.

2. Click on the "Suggested Functionality Changes" (tile) widget on the OC Dashboard, to be directed to the form

3. Please review the information on the initial page   [important]

4. Click on the I understand - let's proceed button (once ready to start)

5. Complete the fields, as below:

  • Full Name = your full name
  • Company/Brand Name = your company name
  • Platform URL = your platform URL/link
  • How important is this particular request? = choose a level of importance; between 0 and 6

Note: 0 = Not at all important | 3 = Moderately important | 6 = Extremely important

  • Which Tool does this relate to? = select the Tool your request relates to

Note: Each request allows you to select one (1) Tool only. So, if you would like to submit multiple requests for various Tools, then please complete multiple forms. There is only one (1) page that is required to be filled out on the next page, and some fields are mandatory, in order for us to understand the request in detail.

  • Please provide details for this request = provide a summary of the request

Note: This may be in the form of a specific request or, it may be in the form of an issue that you are experiencing that you believe can be enhanced

  • Please describe a Business Scenario that this request would impact = advise how this change will impact your business

Note: This is an extremely important step, as it ensures that World Manager completely understands the requirements and reasons for the request. Please take the time to think this through and fully understand what you are requesting.

  • Please attach any relevant screenshots/files = upload any files associated with your request (maximum 10)
  • Additional comments/notes = add any additional information not covered in the previous fields   [optional]

6. Click on the Submit button (once done)

7. Once your request has been successfully submitted, choose between New Request or Close Page 

So, what happens now?

A ticket will automatically be logged on the OC platform for the relevant team to then review and log accordingly. As mentioned, requests submitted with this form are not a guarantee to be implemented into the platform within a certain timeframe.

We thank you for your feedback! If you have any further questions, or require assistance, please contact

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