One-off Reports

If you need specific information that our tool Stats and Reports do not contain and this information does not need to be pulled frequently to create a Custom Report, it is possible to ask for a One-off Report that will give specific information once if needed.

To request a One-off report you can submit a ticket on the OC by going to Operations - Service Desk - New Ticket - Select the category that applies

Note: In case the information provided needs to be pulled frequently (weekly, monthly) a Custom Report will provide this information to be created when necessary (this might incur a charge), for more information please check this article: Custom Reports & Scripts

Usual requests can consist of:

  • Completion Date and status of Training elements by item
  • Creation date of any element - tool within the platform
  • Targeting reports of any tool within the platform
  • Successful list of accounts that receive an email notification 
  • All assigned content to specific Accounts/Roles/Account Groups

Depending on what type of information is available and the complexity of the request, it might not be possible to provide the information desired, the Support Team will review and will acknowledge if a One-off report is possible to be created and will provide it free of charge.

If you need more information regarding this or need specific information from the platform please send an email to

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