Version 8.2.3: Introducing Broadbean to Recruitment

The following outlines exciting changes that have been released in v8.2.3. This includes changes in the Recruitment tool in the Human Resources Suite, which enables Job Ads to be posted to multiple Job Boards globally using Broadbean.

What is Broadbean?

This release introduces job posting integration with Broadbean. Broadbean distributes your Job Ads to multiple third-party job sites. At present, there are more than 3500+ job boards that integrate with Broadbean. A few examples of these are:

Benefits of using Broadbean

  • Post to multiple destinations via one interface
  • Post to all social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Visibility into current posting status
  • Real-time access to additional recruitment related reports
  • Ability to access free sourcing channels through your account
  • Quick access to board performance by users, teams or offices
  • Admin control allows credit management
  • Reduce wasteful postings and spend

How does the Integration with Broadbean work?

This integration currently provides the ability to push Job Ad information from your World Manager platform to multiple job boards through Broadbean. Management of the job ad status changes occur in the Broadbean platform at this stage, as part of taking our All-in-one HR Suite to a new level we are reviewing the way we retrieve and store the applicant details in the talent pool. This will include applicant information and job ad status retrieved from Broadbean and enable future automation of applicant details in the talent pool enhancements.

Are there any requirements to set up Integration with Broadbean?

Broadbean integration can only be set up with an active Broadbean account. Each World Manager platform's country requiring the integration, needs to be configured with Broadbean specific settings which includes the Broadbean Secret Key and Admin user details.

Broadbean users are then mapped to World Manager accounts in a process called User Mapping. User Mapping is available for World and National Level accounts.

Does it cost anything to set up integration with Broadbean?

Broadbean will waive their implementation fee for World Manager brands, saving our brands around $2,000 set up costs. To activate Broadbean, you must have an account set up with the Job Boards that you intend to use and standard costs to post Job Ads apply. Additional costs are associated with Broadbean ad packs based on the quantity required and expiry details.

Please have a read through the below articles to set up Broadbean.
If you have any questions please contact your Relationship Manager or email

How To Articles:

Setting up Integration with Broadbean

Adding an External Advertising Links to Recruitment

Creating an External Job Ad - Broadbean

Editing External Broadbean Job Posts

Deleting External Broadbean Job Posts

Back Button Changes to Recruitment

In this release you will notice the Back button on the Position_details page has been removed and replaced with a Positions button in the header menu. This new button takes you back to the Recruitment_view_positions page. 

The Position_details page is found at National level by going to: Human Resources → Recruitment → All Positions then select a Position Name.

The Recruitment_view_positions page is found at National level by going to: Human Resources → Recruitment → All Positions

See screen shot changes below:

Version 8.2.2

Version 8.2.3

Browser Compatibility Alert for Internet Explorer

In this release for those brands using Internet Explorer a browser compatibility alert has been introduced. This is to remind users from January 2018 browsers operating on IE v10.0 or older will not be able to access World Manager platforms as this browser version will be no longer supported.

Note: You will still be able to access World Manager on IE10 or older until the end of 2017.

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