Introducing the Enterprise Hierarchy Upgrade

We're excited to announce the highly-anticipated Enterprise Hierarchy upgrade, allowing you to create an unlimited number of Account Groups of any Role at World and National Level, improving the way you organise and target content to your employees and managers.

This blog will walk you through all the changes introduced with this update and provide some examples to help you take advantage of this exciting new functionality and improve your platform experience, including how to:

  • Create an unlimited amount of Account Groups at World and National Level (new with this update)
  • Differentiate between World and National Level Account Groups in Group Management
  • View World and National Level Account Groups in Target Selectors

The Enterprise Hierarchy upgrade was released to Playgrounds on May 24, 2021, and live platforms on June 2, 2021.

Recapping the hierarchy

Enterprise Hierarchy - Coming Soon

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Before we jump into the new changes, let's look at the breakdown of the video before comparing it to the all-new Enterprise Hierarchy.


As you know, the platform contains a set number of Roles, including:

  • Administrator
    • World Manager
    • National Manager
  • Management
    • Area Manager
    • General Manager
    • Store Manager
  • Employee
    • Employee 1-10

These Roles determine which tools a user can access based on their position in your company.

Currently, Admin and Management Roles support one Account Group each, while the Employee Role supports up to 10 Account Groups.


So what's changed?

The new Enterprise Hierarchy contains the same Roles but now supports creating an unlimited number of Account Groups for any Role type, allowing you to create an Account Group for every position in your company if required.


We've also introduced the ability to create Account Groups at National Level for groups that are specific to a single country.


You can continue to create World Level Account Groups that appear in all countries on your platform. When viewing these groups in the Group Management grid at National Level, a new World indicator will appear to help you identify which groups were created at World Level, and which were created at National Level.

Tip: Each new Account Group automatically inherits the permissions set up in Fusebox/Widget Targeting for the chosen Role type.


How to improve your hierarchy

Let's look at an example to see how we can use the Enterprise Hierarchy to improve the targeting and organisation of content on a sample platform.

This screen shows an organisation using the current hierarchy, limited to a single Account Group for Admin and Management Roles, and maxing out their 10 Employee Account Groups for their Employee Role.


Due to the structure of the current hierarchy, each Employee Account Group contains two positions to work around the limitation of 10 Employee Account Groups.

If your Brand uses a similar hierarchy, you will know that it can take an extra few steps to target content to only one segment of users that share an Account Group. For instance, to send a Notice to Front of House staff informing them of a mandatory meeting, an Admin or Manager would need to:

  1. Use Specific Groups in the Target Group Selector to choose the Front of House/Back of House Employee Account Group
  2. Use Specific Accounts in the Target Account Selector to choose each Front of House employee within the Account Group to ensure that Back of House staff don't receive the Notice.


With the new Enterprise Hierarchy, each position within a company can have its own Account Group, so you no longer need to individually target the correct employees in an Account Group with multiple positions.

The screen below shows the same sample platform using the new Enterprise Hierarchy upgrade, with separate Account Groups for each position in their company.


Since each position has its own Account Group, targeting content is a breeze since you no longer need to manually target individual accounts.


To make targeting even easier and convenient, we've also introduced National Level Account Groups as a part of the Enterprise Hierarchy upgrade. This feature gives you the option to create Account Groups that only display in specific countries, should you have positions that are only relevant to a specific country.

In the screen below, we can see some of these National Level Account Groups in action.


These Account Groups have been created at the relevant National Level since they are specific to the APAC region. By doing so, they won't appear in other countries, helping to reduce clutter in the Target Group Selector and making it easier for Admins and Managers to find the right groups faster.

How to create a National Level Account Group

Note: To start creating new Account Groups, your platform must be using the latest version of the SOAP API. For more information, please see SOAP API v7.1.

Now that we know what National Level Account Groups look like and what they can be used for, let's look at how to create one!

To create a National Level Account Group:

  1. Using an Administrator account, navigate to the desired country in the Toolbox.
  2. From the Toolbox, select System, then choose Account Groups.
  3. At the top of the page, select the New Group button.
  4. Enter the Name for the new Account Group, then select the relevant Role from the dropdown.


After creating a National Level Account Group, you'll notice a few different Group Management options when compared to World Level groups.

National Level Account Groups are automatically made Active when created and cannot be deactivated. They can, however, be deleted at the National Level if the Account Group doesn't contain any accounts.

Viewing World and National Level Account Groups in Target Selectors

World and National Level Account Groups are now separated in the Target Group Selector, making it even easier to find the groups you're looking for.

When viewing the Target Group Selector at World Level, you'll see World Level Account Groups at the top of the selector, followed by National Level Account Groups below, separated into individual countries.


When viewing the Target Group Selector at National Level (or at World Level with a Target Country selected), the Target Group Selector will only show World Level Account Groups and National Level Account Groups for the selected country.

So where to from here?

Contact your Relationship Manager to get started on your Hierarchy changes discussions in preparation for the release or contact 

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