Providing a Positive Candidate Experience Using World Manager

What does it mean to provide candidate experience? Do you know what your new hire's perception of your business was when they first started with you? Was their onboarding experience seamless and professional, or did they feel overwhelmed and confused? The onboarding experience can often be the first experience a candidate has with your company. Whether they get the job or not - all candidate experience reflects on your company, so you'll want to make it a positive one they won't tell their friends about!

What is the Candidate Experience?

The Candidate Experience is any interaction a candidate has with your company throughout the recruitment and onboarding process. These interactions include phone calls and emails, as well as any automated communications from software systems (like World Manager), with interview confirmations and of course, if successful, their Offer of Employment (Contract) and onboarding paperwork. This experience can negatively or positively affect the opinion the applicant has of your organisation, before they even start their role.

Benefits of Converting to Digital

Many of you may already be sending employment contracts "digitally" - e.g. completing a Word or PDF document template and emailing it to the candidate for them to print, sign and scan back to you. But... what then? How many hours do you spend chasing up missing paperwork and following up unsigned contracts? The World Manager Contract Generation tool can simplify this process by having everything in one ready for the candidate to review and sign (applying their digital signature to the relevant documents), plus upload their onboarding paperwork, like tax and superannuation forms. This improves the candidate onboarding experience by providing a "one-stop-shop" and provides better operational efficiency and a more streamlined process for you and your team, saving you time and precious resources that can be used elsewhere.

How can Contract Generation File Upload Improve the Candidate's Experience?

The File Upload question type in Contract Generation means you can now collect important employee information in the candidate portal, taking steps towards becoming paperless in your processes. Candidates can upload their completed paperwork into the portal when they sign their contract, making the process easier for them as it is all in one place and they won't need to remember to email documents separately. The portal looks professional and works well both on desktop and mobile devices. Examples of collected paperwork include:

  • Tax File Declaration / I9 or W4 form
  • Superannuation Choice form
  • Evidence of Right to Work in Australia
  • Employee Details Form (bank details, emergency contacts info etc.)
  • Position Description
  • Relevant licenses (driver's, forklift etc.)

We can also convert your onboarding forms* into the pool and apply the candidate's signature to them. For example, Code of Conduct, Position Description, Privacy Statement, or Disclosure of Pre-Existing Injuries, to name a few, which will not require the upload feature as the forms are built into the tool.

*excludes government required forms like TFN and Super Choice

Case Study

LaManna Supermarkets have been using the Contract Generation tool since their launch, sending contract paperwork through the portal, and collecting forms back via email. However, since the update, all paperwork is returned via the upload feature and is stored on the user's profile which has made life easier for the team. HR Manager, Samantha, says she would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about making the switch to paperless, saying "we are loving the new feature; it is working really well for us."

What do I Need to Introduce Contract Generation (or Add File Upload Questions)?

Getting started is simple! Put together a list of all your different contract templates plus the new starter paperwork, which may include a personal detail forms, Tax File Declaration, Superannuation information, and identify which of these documents needs to be uploaded and which can be built as a document. Once you have this, reach out your Relationship Manager to discuss the next steps. 

And remember, the tool is not only good for recruitment. It can be used for supplied contracts and other letters/documents that require a signature. Think about what else you could use it for or speak to your Relationship Manager for some best practice ideas.

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