Contract Generation Blog Post - Part 2 - The Flexibility of the Contract Generation tool

Following on from our blog post Providing a Positive Candidate Experience using World Manager, brands have been using the Contract Generation forms to introduce digital paperwork for their onboarding processes. The customisable forms feature in the Contract Generation tool is versatile and doesn’t just create employment contracts. Here we show some examples of how we can convert your existing new starter forms to a digital content for the ease of your Payroll Teams. 

Have you sometimes found that when you receive paperwork it is missing important details. With the contract generation tool’s email functionality, you can identify the missing information and respond to the candidate straight away asking them to rectify this instantly.  

Forms are completely customisable 

Build your fillable areas from scratch to capture the information you require and auto-fill the form on behalf of your candidate. 

For example, if you require a candidate to complete a New Employee Details Form, setup your Candidate form with the required fields, such as Contact Details, Emergency Contact Person, Bank Accounts Details and more. Adding these fields into the candidate details form, will also make it easier for admins to have all required employee details in one place, rather than having to chase up paperwork via email or through multiple contacts, such as the location manager, area manager and payroll.  

The best part about the Contract Generation tool, is that it allows all completed and signed documents to be housed within the employee’s profile. This means, Employees, Managers and Admins have access to the paperwork in one place and can reference this whenever required. 

Forms can easily be created in consultation with your Relationship Manager, simply reach out with your list of onboarding paperwork to discuss further. 

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