Case Study - Betts

We recently spoke with Tian from Betts to ask her how they keep their 'The Kit' platform so high on the engagement charts (85% of The Kit users log in at least once a month on average) and how she created new ways to engage their users consistently. See below for some key insights into how Betts keep their users logging in & coming back for more.

Consistency is key.

The Betts team have clear communication timelines set out for their retail team. Their employees know that there will be an update every Monday morning, so they ensure these timelines are met each week. "If you forget to post or update on the key dates that you usually post on that’s when logging in becomes a task, because why would you log in if there is nothing new to look at?"

Celebrate the wins. 

The team at Betts focus on celebrating the wins by updating weekly celebration widgets on their dashboard. These include great sales, store of the month and more! The team don't believe in providing large reports or documents with an in-depth breakdown of company goals. The simpler, the better!

Engagement is actively driven. 

Over the last year, the team at Betts have had a strong focus on engagement with the platform. Using the The Kit Chat to start forums on the teams favourite products for the season, personal achievements or peer shoutouts, have been a way to create a sense of community within the wider business. Giving the team a space to be a "little bit silly" reminds them that the team at Head Office know they are humans and the business expects them to have lives outside of their roles.

Fun and engaging content.

The use of Canva in the Betts business is amazing! With the templates and constant ideas, the team can convert a plain black and white PDF into an engaging document that catches the user's eye. The use of colour, infographics and media types allows Tian to be creative in her role. "If you want regular and consistent log ins you need fun and engaging content".

Platform training.

Another driving force for log ins is clear and concise platform training. The Betts team have added platform training as part of the team member onboarding process. By showcasing the added benefits the platform has to the success of their role, the team members are prompted to log in again and again.

"I could go on forever about how much I like engaging our staff with World Manager, it's my favourite part of my role at Betts but hopefully that gets ideas sparking and a taster to our approach to it all".

Thanks so much Tian for sharing your experience with engaging your team with the platform. We look forward to hearing more from you again soon.

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