Quick Wins to Increase Communication and in turn Engagement Throughout your Business

A communication and engagement plan are key to the success of every platform within our community. With the help of the World Manager platform, you can utilise our tools in multiple ways to assist in reaching your business and cultural goals.

Below are some quick wins that can easily be introduced to your platform with the help of your Relationship Manager.

Setting Expectations:

Set the expectations on how often your front-line team should be logging in and follow up on it. Should they log in at the start of each shift to know the communications for the day and to do their opening checklist? Or is it that they log in weekly to submit a weekly report and check comms. Having these guidelines set on when your network should be engaging with the platform, and then reinforcing this through the business can build routine and drive engagement for your platform.

Internal Surveys:

Internal surveys are a fantastic way to gain feedback from your network on what is happening in your business and on the platform. Find out what your teams want to see on your platform through a User Satisfaction Survey, gain feedback on your latest in-store promo or utilise the "anonymous" option for Health & Well-being check-ins with your teams.

Inactive Accounts:

Clean up inactive accounts - It is easy to let this slide for a few months; the numbers can quickly add up and effect your user bracket. A speedy way to review is by comparing your account report with your most up to date payroll list to remove any inactive users.

Activity Feed:

Finding it hard to find easier ways to share wins across your networks? Introduce the social tool as a quick and fun way to congratulate team members on their hard work, years of service with the company or simple something they did that was above and beyond their job role. More information on this tool can be found on the OC.

Contact Us:

Do you utilise your contact us page? Having a central store directory for all teams helps your greater network connect when they require assistance. By adding in photos for these team members means your network will be able to put a face to a name when they email or call


Drive your in-store and inter-store communications using the forum tool. Setup daily store diaries or communications ensuring your network is logging in each shift to check what is happening. Ask your RM today for more information on getting this setup across your network.

Incident Reports:

Don't forget the Incident Report tool can be used for any form that needs to be submitted to your Support Office team. From training check-ins to supplier feedback. The use of the action items in the Incident Report tool is super helpful for ensuring follow-ups are completed.

If you have any questions on how to set up, implement or review these tools please reach out to your Relationship Manager and they will be happy to assist you.

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