New Service Desk Force Login Setting

The Service Desk is a great way for your team to track situations and issues reported by users both in and outside of your organisation. When a new Service Desk ticket is created, the platform can be configured to automatically send a push and email notification to administrators to alert them of new activity.

Version 10.0.1 introduces a new option called Force Login (disabled by default). When this setting is enabled, users are required to sign in to view Service Desk tickets.

Force Login option added to System Configuration Service Desk.

This improves security by ensuring that only users with an account on your platform can view Service Desk tickets. Additionally, by forcing them to sign in, users will be able to submit posts from their own account should the Service Desk email notification be shared or forwarded among a larger group of users.

Service Desk ticket as viewed by a signed in user.

By default, Force Login is disabled and the platform will continue to behave as it has in the past, allowing any user with a link to the page to view a Service Desk ticket and allow them to comment and view other messages. This is useful for communicating with a large number of external users who won't be forced to sign in to your platform in order to view the status of a ticket.

Note: Watchers can still view links to external ticket if the Force Login option is enabled. See Ticket Functions for more information.

Service Desk ticket viewed by an external user.

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