Custom Account Permissions for Employees

We've heard your feedback and understand how important account group management is to managing your brand on the World Manager platform, whether it's giving specific users greater access to functionality or revoking access to users who don't need it.

In this update released on November 18, we're giving platform administrators even more flexibility for customising user access by adding account custom permissions to individual employee accounts, allowing them to control an individual employee's access to specific tools.

We're also adjusting the functionality associated with Social custom permissions, making it easier for administrators to control how much access user's have to Social features.

Enabling custom permissions and removing access to Social and Scheduling tools


Employee Custom Permissions

Employee custom permissions work the same as manager-level account custom permissions available on the platform.

All employees will be given default-level access to the same tools they could previously access, which can then be customised on a per-user basis using the 'Custom' permission option. This can be useful for revoking access to individual tools for some employees, such as the ability to view profile pages or post replies using our new Social features.

For full instructions on how to manage individual user permissions, please refer to: Account Custom Permissions.

Note: The list of available custom permissions will be limited to the user's account group and what that group is allowed to access. This means that the list of custom permissions for employees will not show any permissions specific to managers.

Tip: If you have a large amount of users you need to apply custom permissions to (e.g. more than 10), our Support Team can do this in bulk for you. You just need to provide them with the account IDs or usernames of the users, as well as provide the name of an account that already has the custom permissions you require to use as a template to copy from.

To get the account IDs or usernames, you can run an Account Reports in the Stats and Reports tool. Please refer to this article for more information: Account Reports.

Comparison of Employee and Manager permissions (click to enlarge)


Social Permission Update

Social permissions have been updated to make it easier to separate who can view social profile pages and access the Activity Feed Widget, and specifically who is allowed to post and reply to posts.

The Social permission is now responsible for giving the user access to view social profile pages (their own and others') as well as the Activity Feed Widget, while the Post permission is responsible for allowing the user to write posts and replies.

For more information, please refer to Social Permissions.

Social and Post permissions control access to Social functionality


Introducing Text Search to Emulation for Account Groups and Accounts

Another great feature we've added in this update is the ability to type to search for account groups as well as individual accounts using the emulation panel. Administrators with Emulation permissions will find this to be a great time saver when searching for a particular group or account if you have a long list.


Type to search for Account Groups and/or Accounts

New Drag-and-Drop Field in E-Learning

We've also added a new drag-and-drop field to the New/Update Package pages in the E-Learning Content Library, making it even easier for you to upload content to your platform.

New drag-and-drop field allowing for easy uploading

Should you have any questions about these changes, feel free to get in touch with our Support team at

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