Platform-wide Maximum File Size Increase

Now live, we have increased the maximum allowed file size of various upload fields throughout the platform.

Important: Whilst the below file size limits have been increased, we strongly urge brands to continue to optimize their files for use with your platform. Even though larger file sizes are allowed, they're not always required and/or the best option. Also, it's important to remember that, using larger than required files will increase your overall storage and potentially increase bandwidth usage as well.

Product Tool Upload Type Previous Max Limit New Max Limit    
Training ACTIV Image 100MB 200MB    
Video 200MB 500MB    
Audio 100MB 200MB    
E-Learning PDF 100MB 200MB    
Questionnaire Video Slide    
Written Tests Learning Material / Marking Criteria    
Completion Attachments    
Sign Offs Creation    
Bulk Sign Off    
Single Sign Off    


(Training Academy)

Learning Material / Marking Criteria    
Communications Calendar Creation    
Notices Attachments    
Events Creation    
Forums Topic Creation    
Topic Reply        
Image Gallery Bulk Upload 200MB 500MB    
Widget Video Widget    
Preview Widget File Upload    
Human Resources Contract Generation Form Builder 100MB 200MB    
Recruitment Video Resume Upload 200MB 500MB    
Internal and External Completion Questionaire    
Operations Goals Goal Creation 100MB 200MB    
Goal Add Note    
Milestone Creation    
Milestone Add Note    
Service Desk New Ticket    
Ticket Reply    
External Ticket Reply    
New Ticket from Email    
Incident Report Action Item    
System Locations Custom Fields File Upload    
Accounts Custom Fields File Upload    
PDF Templates Creation    
Survey Tools Internal Surveys Question Upload    
External Surveys Question Upload    
Customer Feedback Question Upload    
Appraisals Question Upload    
Incident Reports Question Upload    
Location Reviews Question Upload    
Exit Interviews Question Upload    
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