Creating a External Survey Account

The creation of an External Survey Account will make it possible for users without an account in your platform to complete External Surveys with no other access than the surveys within your platform.

To create a New External Survey Account go to System → Accounts → New External Survey Account, here you will have different fields to fill:


* indicates a required field

  • Title – Formal suffix given to the user (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Miss, etc.) 
  • First Name – The user's first name
  • Middle Name – The user's middle name 
  • Last Name – The user's last name 
  • Nickname – Optional nickname (or preferred name)
  • Country– The country the user will be assigned to

    Note:  This option will only appear when the account is created at World Level

  • Username– Account username, which is used to access the platform

    Note: Usernames must be unique, meaning two accounts cannot have the same username. When you enter a username, a status indicator will appear advising you whether the username is available or, if it already exists - as below:

  • Password – Private phrase, used to authenticate a user's access to the platform when logging in. See Account Settings for more information

    Note: If updating your password, a strong password is required (and highly recommended). Please ensure it contains a combination of numbers, upper case letters, lower case letters and symbols.

    An example of a bad password is a password that is the same as the username OR is 'password' OR is made of a repetition of ONE character - e.g. 888888 OR is made of consecutive letters or numbers - e.g. 123456.

  • Active – Checkbox that can be used to activate or deactivate the user 
  • User Language – Preferred language of the user, which affects various tools & phrases throughout the platform. See Languages for more information
  • Time Zone – Preferred time zone of the user, which affects the dates and times that are displayed throughout the platform
  • External Survey – This will select the specific survey that the user will complete
  • Save – Press this button to create the Customer Feedback survey.
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