Account Emulation

To be able to overlook or complete different elements on behalf of a user like E-Learning modules, Appraisals, Notices or if you want to just check what an account view of the platform is, the emulation functionality can help you. This functionality let you reproduce the view of specific users without logging in with their personal information.

Note: The Emulation functionality can be used for Admin Accounts (World Manager and National Manager Roles) only. Manager and Employee Roles do not have this functionality.

Emulating an Account

To emulate an account, there are two different ways:

Emulating a User Using your Profile Emulation Section

  1. Click on your profile picture at the top-right side of the platform:
  2. Under the Emulation section, Select the Group Account Name the Account is associated with (in this case we are going to select Franchisee)
  3. Select the name of the account you will like to emulate

Emulating Using the Profile Page

When you access the profile page of an account there is the possibility to emulate the account by using the emulate button on the right side of the page:

This will change your view and your account will start emulating your employee's view of the platform, dashboard configuration and every element assigned.

Note: If you are emulating an account and have multiple tabs open all of the additional tabs will change after refreshing, with the purpose of replicating the view of the emulated account (and will apply respective permissions and limitations).


There are some differences when you emulate an account and you use the user's credentials to log into the platform, some differences are:

  1. Access to the Platform when Mandatory Content is Overdue: When Mandatory Modules or Notices need to be completed or read the user will be forced to complete/read this content before accessing the platform, if an Admin is emulating the account this functionality will not appear. For more information on this process, please check the following article: Menu Items Not Working
  2. Viewing Documents of Other Accounts: An Admin Account that is emulating a user will have access to other account's documents, however, if the user accesses the emulated account with their respective credentials it will not be able to access or view other account's documents.
  3. Language: Emulated accounts will not show the platform in the language they have defaulted, the language of the Admin account that is emulating will be used to show the platform
  4. Force Reset/Completion: If this functionality is active, an Admin account will be able to Force Reset/Complete content for the emulated account, for more information on this functionality please check this article: Force Complete and Reset E-Learning Modules

If you have further questions or need assistance with any of the mentioned functionality, please send an email to

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