Account Grid Redesign in the First Multi-Location Accounts Upgrade

As announced in our August 2021 Upgrade Roadmap Video, this release is the first of three that focus on Multi-Location Accounts, the second phase of our Enterprise Hierarchy upgrade. To learn more about the functionality added in our first Enterprise Hierarchy upgrade, see this blog post.

The Multi-Location Accounts update will be released over three stages in the coming weeks, with each one focusing on a new piece of platform functionality. The three stages include:

  1. New Account Grid Page – A rework of the Account Management page to improve grid functionality. This allows for easier searching of accounts using filters similar to what you see in the Contract Generation dashboard.
  2. New Account Form - Separates My Details account information into separate more user-friendly tabs for easier navigation.
  3. Multi-Location Accounts and Hover Cards – The final release, providing the ability for employees and managers to be assigned to multiple locations. This also includes all-new Hover Cards that provide details about each account in all user roles in all tools on the platform.

When all three stages are released, the upgrade will allow you to assign Store Managers and Employees to multiple locations, allowing them to complete training for each location they're assigned to, in addition to any optional training they select for personal development.

Managers throughout the hierarchy will also have full visibility of their users working across multiple locations to make sure they're up-to-date with specialised store training (e.g. training for close procedures and filling out end-of-day checklists), store policies and procedures for their individual stores. This includes the ability to create reports using the Stats and Reports tool, monitor training progress, send notices to their team and more.

Let's look at the first stage of the Multi-Location Accounts update that is now available to try on Playgrounds and available to live platforms on September 8, 2021.

New Account Grid page

The Accounts tool—the home of account management on the platform—has been completely redesigned, giving managers a top-level view of all accounts in their available locations sorted by the user's name, all on a single page. This change means that Managers no longer need to navigate down to specific areas or stores to find users, and instead can access them all from one central location. The new Account Grid also displays each user's unique username under their name, to make it easier to distinguish users who have similar names.

All-new filters to help sort accounts

To help sort through the Accounts shown on this page, we've added many useful filters to help you find users by:

  • Account
    • First name
    • Middle name
    • Last name
    • Username
    • Expired Password
  • Status
    • All
    • Active
    • Inactive
  • Group
  • Location
    • Country (available at World level only)
    • Area
    • Location
    • Unassigned (available to Admins only)

Tip: The Inactive Password indicator in the previous page design has been replaced with the new Expired Password filter, allowing you to search for accounts with expired passwords regardless of active or inactive status. Related phrases have also been updated to provide helpful explanations and information regarding users with expired passwords.

Using the filter is easy. Simply enter your filter criteria found on the left side of the page, and select the Apply button—the Account Grid will then update to match your specified criteria. A Reset button is also provided to help you reset all filters to their default values when looking for users that match different criteria.

Creating new accounts

We've also improved the Account creation process, reducing the number of steps needed to create a new account. Since we've updated the Account page and replaced the old hierarchy-based layout with the new filter design, you no longer have to navigate to a specific location to create a new account.

World Managers will also be able to create accounts for their respective countries directly from the World level, without navigating to the specific country first.

Note: When creating a new user account for a specific country at the World level, remember to check that the desired Account Group is active in that country and not just at the World level.

A New Account button has been added to the Account page, allowing Managers to create a new Account for any Account Group they have permission to create, in any location they can access.

Selecting the New Account button will take Managers to the New Account page, where they can enter the new user account details, including a new dropdown menu for the Account Group. The dropdown contains all Account Groups that the Manager can access and their Role abbreviation to remind Managers of the Role associated with each group.

Once a Group is selected, the page will update and show additional location-based fields relating to the chosen group. For example, selecting an Employee group will load dropdowns for Area and Location. However, selecting an Area Manager group will load a dropdown for Area and an option for Multiarea. If a World Manager is creating the account at the World level, a dropdown option for Country will also be displayed.

The example below shows a National Manager creating a new Store Manager account and setting their location directly within the New Account page.

Send Exit Interview directly from the Account Grid Page

Users who can manage accounts can now inactivate accounts directly from the Account Grid page. A new warning message is displayed providing Cancel, Inactivate without Exit InterviewandInactivate options for Exit Interviews.

Note: Only when Exit Interviews are enabled for the applicable accounts and the account has an email address

Emulate directly from a Social profile page

In addition to the new Account Grid upgrades, we've also made it easier for Admins to emulate users directly from the Social profile page. This change provides an extra way for Admins to emulate users, and in particular, will make it easier to remove any inappropriate content from a social page.

Mobile-friendly layout

All upgrades and functionality introduced in this release are also available on mobile with an optimised layout designed for smaller devices.

That means you're always in control of your platform, no matter where you are or which device you use.

Should you have any questions about these changes, feel free to get in touch with our Support Team at

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