In Platform v10.5.2, a new version of our SOAP API: v7.1 has been released.

The changes are mostly to do with account group related methods, types and properties. The groupID property is being deprecated and replaced with groupUuid. This is due to the fact that, with the release of Enterprise Hierarchy, groups will no longer be identified by an ID value, but their UUID instead (since you will have the ability to create an unlimited amount of groups).

For full details regarding these v7.1 changes, please view the change log in our SOAP API technical guide and please forward onto any relevant parties.

2 Important Actions:

1. Once Enterprise Hierarchy is released in the next month or so and your brands wants to add new groups, you will need to switch to use groupUUID for these new groups be included via the API.

2. Support for the use of the groupID property will cease from December 23rd, 2021. So, please ensure your integrations have been updated accordingly prior to this date if you don't wish to use new groups.


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