Sign Off Enhancements: Custom Refresh Dates and Reminders

In this World Manager release, we're excited to announce changes to Sign Offs, making it easier for managers to set custom Sign Off refresh dates for users and get notified when they're going to expire.

The Sign Offs tool will now allow managers to:

  • Set custom refresh dates for individual Sign Offs by overriding the default refresh date, when this option is enabled by administrators
  • Conveniently add reminders to be notified when individual Sign Offs are about to expire
  • Create a new report in Stats and Reports to see a list of Sign Offs with upcoming refresh dates

This blog will walk you through the changes as well as the new Sign Offs page redesign coming to your World Manager platform and show you how to get started.

This update is available to test on Playgrounds now and will be released to live this week.


Custom Refresh Dates for Individual Sign Offs

A new option is now available on the New Sign Offs page, giving Managers the option to override the refresh date for individual Sign Offs.

When the Auto Refresh checkbox is ticked, a new setting called Allow Manager to Override Refresh Date will be displayed, allowing Managers to override the default refresh date for individual Sign Offs.

Allow Manager to Override Refresh Date is disabled by default, so administrators will need to enable this for each Sign Off as required.

Note: Sign Off Refresh must be ticked for Allow Manager to Override Refresh Date to be displayed.

When Allow Manager to Override Refresh Date is enabled, Managers will be able to override the automatically calculated refresh date and enter a custom refresh date for that Sign Off. This can be done on all pages where a Sign Off can be completed or modified, including:

  • Employee Results
  • Complete Sign Offs
  • Bulk Sign Off

To do this, simply go to the relevant Sign Off, select the checkbox next to the Refresh Date field, and choose a new date.

Note: If Sign Off Refresh is disabled, a "" symbol will appear on the grid.

If Sign Off Refresh is enabled, but Allow Manager to Override Refresh Date is disabled, the grid will display the automatically calculated Refresh Date in a read-only field, based on the Sign Off Completed Date and the Refresh After period.

Once a Sign Off has been completed, and a refresh date has been set, users will be able to see the relevant refresh date on the relevant My Training page.

Page Redesign: Complete Sign Offs and Bulk Sign Offs

As you can see, the Complete Sign Offs and Bulk Sign Offs page have also been redesigned in this update, with an all-new layout including a new Refresh Date column, Notification button, and easy-to-use status fields allowing you to quickly see and update the status of your Sign Offs.

Tip: The colours for each of the Status fields are automatically configured based on your platform's style for Passed/Complete, Fail and Pending Fuel Gauge colours. Get in touch with our creative team if you'd like to liven up your platform colours.

Reminders for Sign Offs

Another big feature we've added in this update is the ability for Managers to create reminders to be notified when a Sign Off is nearing its refresh date.

This is now possible with a new Reminder button, found wherever a Sign Off can be completed or modified. This includes the same pages as the new override refresh date feature mentioned above and include:

  • Employee Results
  • Complete Sign Offs
  • Bulk Sign Offs

Note: Reminders will be added to the Manager’s World Manager calendar so they can keep track of Sign Offs they're responsible for.

Selecting the Reminder button will load a new reminder form, pre-filled with all the information related to the Sign-Off. This includes:

  • Name
  • Content
  • Refresh Date
  • Send Reminder Email
  • Colour

Managers will then be allowed to modify any of the pre-filled fields before saving the reminder and adding it to their World Manager Calendar.

To edit the reminder once it has been added to the Calendar tool, Managers can go to the relevant Sign-Off, select the Add Notification button and edit any of the fields, or go to the Calendar tool and edit the reminder from there.

Note: To delete a reminder, Managers will need to go to the Calendar Tool within the platform, find the relevant reminder and delete it manually.

Sign Off Reminder Calendar Settings 

Platform administrators can customise the colour of reminders that appear in the Calendar by going to Calendar Settings and editing the new Sign Off Reminders setting under the Item Colours heading.

By default, the Sign Offs colour will match your platform's current colour for Appointments, however, you are free to change it to any colour you like!

See Upcoming Sign Off Refresh Dates in Stats and Reports

A new report has been added to Stats and Reports at National Level allowing managers to get a full list of upcoming Sign Offs ordered by refresh date, ascending.

The report can be found by going to Country  Stats and ReportsTraining Stats By Individual (View) and selecting Upcoming Sign Off Refresh Dates.

This report will generate a list of Sign Offs with future refresh dates, ensuring that it does not list any Sign Offs with a refresh date that has already passed, and will show the following fields:

  • Sign Off Name
  • Employee Name
  • Employee Account Group Name
  • Employee Area
  • Employee Location
  • Manager Account
  • Sign Off Date
  • Refresh Date


Should you have any questions about these changes, feel free to get in touch with our Support Team at


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