SEEK Integration Enhancements

In this update, we've made enhancements to our SEEK integration in the Recruitment tool that introduces new features which make it easier to post job ads and get them seen by the right candidates. These enhancements include:

  • Improved layout and navigation of SEEK functionality on the platform
  • A new form to post jobs to SEEK, with a new Premium ad option to further promote your Brand and reach more candidates
  • Variable pricing visibility based on the job and location
  • Improved Branding and styling, with new preview functionality

This update will be available on live platforms on Thursday, July 14, 2022.

Improved layout and navigation

The overall user experience of the SEEK integration has been improved, making it easier to navigate between pages.

The SEEK Tools title bar button in the Recruitment tool has been renamed to SEEK and now navigates to the SEEK Job Ads page, which has been updated with a new design.

The SEEK Job Ads page now acts as the primary page of the integration and continues to function the same as it did previously, showing all job ads that are currently active, expired, or ready to be posted on SEEK.

Note: The 'Position Name' field now displays the 'Job title' of the SEEK Ad, instead of the 'Position Name' specified on your platform. Existing SEEK Job Ads will automatically be updated so no further action is required.

Other changes include new icons as seen below

The SEEK Tools page has received a fresh design and has been renamed to SEEK Settings. The page contains the same functionality as the previous version, allowing you to set up and enable the SEEK integration on your platform.

Note: The 'SEEK ID' field has been updated and migrated to a new 'Hirer ID'. Your existing SEEK ID will automatically be converted so no action is required.

To reflect the new page names and ordering of the pages in the SEEK integration, we've updated the title bar buttons on each page to make moving between them as simple as possible.

The SEEK Job Ads page now contains the following buttons:

  • Recruitment
  • Settings
  • Job Posting Log
  • Legacy Job Posting Log
  • SEEK Applicants

Legacy Job Posting Log

This page allows you to access the logs of jobs posted to Seek, prior to the updated SEEK integration.

The SEEK Settings page now contains the following buttons:

  • System Configuration
  • SEEK

New SEEK Ad form

The SEEK Ad form used to post your job ads to SEEK has been completely redesigned and closely resembles the form used on the SEEK website. It also includes the latest features supported by SEEK and removes some fields that are no longer supported.

Let's take a look and see what's changed.

New Premium Ad options

The new SEEK Ad form supports Premium job ads as well as the previously available Classic and StandOut ads. The Premium option provides additional benefits over the Classic ad, including:

  • Priority listing in mobile and desktop search results.
  • Priority listing in targeted daily and weekly candidate emails.
  • Faster access to more applications on average.

Tip: See SEEK Job ads to learn more about the different ad types.

Variable pricing for all ad types

Ads now have variable pricing based on the type of job you're advertising, the job location as well as the demand for the position in your industry. The new Ad type field automatically shows pricing for each of the different types — Classic, StandOut and Premium — based on your job criteria throughout the form.

Tip: To learn more, see Variable Pricing - How does variable pricing work?

Improved Branding functionality

The SEEK Ad form now supports improved custom Branding for StandOut and Premium ads, with functionality that allows you to search, browse and preview a range of Branding styles. This will typically appear above the job title and helps your ad stand out to potential candidates.

Note: Branding can be managed via your Seek employer account under Logos and Branding. Any questions relating to branding please contact Seek.

Detect location button, automatic suggestions, and pre-filled fields

The SEEK Ad form contains further improvements to help you create an ad as fast as possible. 

We've improved the Location field, removing the dropdown selectors and replacing it with an autocomplete box that allows you to type your location and show available matches. An all-new Detect Location button has also been added to the form, which when selected, automatically sets the job location to your current location.

Note: Seek only supports Australian and New Zealand locations

The Category field now provides recommendations for the job category + sub-category automatically, based on the given Job Title and Location.

Additionally, the Pay Range field now supports custom values, allowing you to enter your own pay range for your position. This functionality will replace the existing dropdown fields that contain fixed values.

Perhaps saving the most amount of time are the automatic pre-filled fields that we're retaining from the existing SEEK Ad form. This includes the Summary and Description fields which are automatically filled in based on the Ad Details and Job Description fields on the job's corresponding "Update Position" page, and the Contact person field which is automatically pre-filled based on the current user's name and email address.

Billing Reference

The new SEEK Ad form includes a (text) Billing Reference field, which allows hirers to enter internal references to track and reconcile job ad posting, such as; purchase order or cost centre numbers.

Removed fields no longer in use

Some fields from the previous form have been removed as they are no longer supported by SEEK. These include:

  • Search result title
  • Add message to job ad
  • Graduate role
  • Team Name
  • 'Commission Only' Pay Structure option in Salary

Should you have further feedback or questions, contact your Relationship Manager or email For Seek pricing and Branding questions please contact your Seek account manager.

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