v10.2 Social Updates: Replies and Image Cropping

Off the back of v10.0 released earlier this year we are excited to continue to release social functionality in launching v10.2.

In v10.2 we have listened to our community feedback and implemented changes designed to improve the way users engage on your platform by introducing:

  • All-new Reply functionality, allowing users to reply directly to posts and comments
  • Social Post Sharing, allows users to copy a post link on a wall
  • Image cropping functionality making it easier than ever to upload cover and profile images

These features are available in Playgrounds now and will be released to live platforms in the coming weeks.

Reply to posts and comments

Users will now be able to reply to posts as well as comments on social pages using the new Reply button found throughout our social features. This new functionality allows users to directly engage with a post, keep conversations organised and get notified when someone replies to their post or comment.

To add a reply, simply select Reply found under the desired post or comment, enter your message in the provided text box and use the Reply button to save.

You can also edit a comment just like editing a post. Just select the Options dropdown menu on your comment and use the Edit button.

Want to delete it entirely? No problem, deleting it is just as simple. To delete a reply, navigate to the comment you wish to delete, select the Options dropdown menu and use the Delete button.

The Reply button has also been added to posts in the Activity Feed, showing the total number of replies made on each post. This allows users to quickly see which posts have the most activity, and provides a shortcut for them to navigate directly to the post, read the full page of comments and even leave a comment of their own.

Who can delete my comment or reply?

Comments and replies made on a profile page can be deleted by the author of the comment, as well as the owner of the profile page. This allows page owners to remain in control of their profile page should other users post content to their page which they don't approve of.

Note: WM and NM users can also delete comments or replies by emulating the author of the comment or owner of the profile page and deleting it on their behalf.

Keep informed with push notifications

Users will receive a platform notification and a mobile push notification whenever another user comments on their post or directly replies to a top-level comment they make on a post, informing them of any activity on social interactions they're involved in.

Mobile push notifications will be sent to users who have your platform's mobile app installed on their mobile device and have push notifications enabled in their app settings.

To learn more about our mobile apps for iOS and Android, including how to download and enable push notifications, please see this article: Select Your Device Type.

Users will also be notified of new messages from other platform members when they return to a post or comment they previously commented on.

A notification circle will appear next to new messages, and will automatically be dismissed once the user leaves the page.


The existing Social permissions have been extended to also control the ability to reply to posts and comments.

Simply put, if a user has permission to post to a profile page, they now have permission to comment on posts or other user's comments.

Social Post Sharing

Need to share a post on the timeline? In addition to Delete and Edit, All Posts can now be shared by accessing the menu on the right-hand side of the post and selecting Link to Post. This will copy the post URL automatically that can be shared by any user, in a Notice, or other platform-tools.

Image cropping

To top off the list of new features in this update, we've also added image cropping functionality to profile image and cover image uploads.

This will help users preview and adjust their images to ensure they meet the minimum requirements for the platform and look great on their profile page.

The image cropping functionality will automatically appear as users upload a new profile or cover image, and must be completed as part of the process of uploading a new social image. If the user uploads an image they're happy with, they can easily skip the cropping process by selecting the Save button on the cropping window.

To learn more about the new process for uploading an image, see Uploading a Profile Image and Uploading a Cover Image for full details.

Should you have any questions or would like to provide further feedback, please contact your Relationship Manager or email wmsupport@franconnect.com.


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