All-New Account Form in the Second Multi-Location Accounts Upgrade

The second release of Multi-Location Accounts is now in Playgrounds and is scheduled for live release on September 29, 2021. This upgrade follows the Account Grid Redesign in our last update and focuses on improvements to the Account Form, including:

  • Tabs separating settings based on categories for better navigation
  • An improved process for creating and editing user accounts
  • Individual validation per tab making it faster to save changes
  • Creating new accounts sets the country's default time zone at national level

To learn more about how Multi-Location Accounts will benefit your brand once the final release is ready, check out our Sneak Peek Video example. For now, let's get right into these changes!

Better organisation with Account Form tabs

The Account Form stores all the important information for each user on your platform and is the first page you must complete when creating a new account. It contains fields relating to the user's personal information, account details, training academy, social profile, documents and more.

As you know, the Account Form currently shows all user information fields on a single page and looks like this:

In this release, we've reorganised the page and added new tabs to separate settings based on their respective category. These include:

  • Profile – contains personal information relating to the user, including their username, address, language preferences and time zone.
  • Account – includes details relating to the user's account group, location and any custom permissions.
  • Training Academy – includes the user's USI, highest qualification obtained, and study status.
  • Social – contains the information displayed on the user's Social page.
  • Custom fields – contains custom fields set up on your platform, capturing specialised information.
  • Documents – shows a list of documents and files relating to the user once their account is made, for example, the user's Employment Contract.

These tabs allow users to focus on one group of settings at a time and provide easy navigation to specific categories when they need to update an entry.

Tip: Admins can change the name of these tabs to suit your preferences or branding. To learn more, see Phrases.

An improved process for creating and editing accounts

With the introduction of Account Form tabs, the workflow for creating an account has changed, requiring users to proceed through each tab and fill in any mandatory information as required. Users can navigate through the different tabs using the Next and Previous buttons found at the bottom of the screen and use the Save button on the last tab to submit all their details and create the account. It also validates the information on each tab separately so if you go to navigate away from the page, it displays an 'Unsaved Changes' message. More on that later. 

Below is an example for Creating an Account and Editing an Account.

Creating Accounts

 Editing Accounts

Unsaved Changes

When updating a field on an existing account, users can jump directly to the relevant tab and update their desired information. They don't need to go through the full process like they did when creating a new account. They will also be prompted with any unsaved changes before navigating away from the page.

Note: When a user logs into an account for the first time, or logs in to an existing account with incomplete mandatory fields on their Account Form, they must proceed through each of the required tabs, fill in the mandatory details that are missing, and save/update the form before being able to use the platform.

Tip: We recommend Administrators double-check the required and custom fields for their users, as once this is released the users will need to update as mentioned above before being able to use the rest of the platform.

Default Time Zone Change

 Finally, there has been a change in the default time zone selection when accounts are created.

When creating a new User Account at World-level the default creation time zone will be used (as it normally is). However when creating a New User Account at National-level, the account will be created with the set default time zone in the location details of that country.

Should you have any questions about these changes, feel free to get in touch with our Support Team at


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