All Account Group Search and Improvements

This World Manager update (v10.2.3) provides all account groups, including managers and employees, the ability to search for other accounts within the same country.

Managers can now search for their employees directly using Account search, without having to go to My Employees. Once finding their employee, they can edit their details, view training results, and navigate to their social profile when the appropriate permissions are set.

Employees can now also search for other accounts and post to profile pages.

This functionality was released to live platforms on September 30, 2020.

An Employee using Search to find a colleague's profile page

How it works

All Manager and Employee account groups will be able to use the Search feature to find users in their country and see common actions relevant to their account group.

For example, employees will see information about their colleagues, including their account group which store they work at, as well as a shortcut to their profile page. Meanwhile, managers will see all this as well as the status of employees and Manager-only shortcuts such as an Edit account, View Training Results and Emulate  (NM/WM only) for their direct employees.

Selecting the Search icon in the navigation bar and performing a search will show the user the top five results for Accounts, Manuals & Files, and Notices that match the query.

Use the Search feature to find friends and colleagues in your Country


If the user completing the search is an Employee, they will see a list of names matching their query, along with their corresponding account group and store location. If they're a Manager, they will see the same list as well as extra action buttons applicable to that managers employees.

Note: Managers will only see Editand View Training Results actions for employees at their locations

A list of search results as seen by an Employee


A list of search results, along with extra information and buttons as seen by a Manager


More results can be found by selecting the Accounts tab found at the top of the page. This will load the full list of users that match the query results and even lets you use all-new filters to sort users by Account Group and Status (Managers only). Managers will also be able to distinguish between Active and Inactive accounts thanks to an indicator next to each user's name.

The Account Group filter as seen by an Employee


The Account Group, Status filter, and Active/Inactive indicators as seen by a Manager


Access to the new Search functionality will be given to users who have the Accounts and/or Social account custom permission enabled. This means that if a user already has permission to access Social pages, they will automatically be able to search for other users on the platform – no changes required as this is enabled for default permissions.

Just make sure you've also got the Social and Search permissions enabled on Fusebox and you're good to go.

Users will require the Social or Accounts permission to Search for others in their Country


Make sure to have Search and Social Fusebox settings enabled


But wait, there's more!

The team has made one last improvement in this release, making it easier for you to find names even if you can't quite remember them exactly right.

Introducing Wildcards! Simply add a '%' symbol anywhere you're unsure of a character, and the platform will search for all results which are a potential match. This is extremely helpful should you find yourself in the situation where you remember someone's first name but aren't quite sure how to spell their last name.

For example, searching Des%e will return Desirae Horn, Desiree Burgess and Mercedes Fitzgerald (since her first name ends in 'des', and an 'e' is present in her last name), filtering out potentially hundreds of other matches in your organisation!

Using a wildcard to narrow down search results


You'll also find helpful tooltips on the various Search features of the platform to help you get started using this feature. Including Accounts, Manuals and Files, Notices, and Locations. 

Wildcard tooltip


Should you have any questions about these changes, feel free to get in touch with our Support Team at

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