Upgrades to National Account Group Management

This World Manager update (v10.2) contains several improvements to simplify the management of National-level Account Groups, which was revamped in the last platform update. These changes include:

  • Streamlining the way Account Group Names are displayed in the grid
  • Saving Account Group Names after a group has been deactivated
  • Improving the usability of the Account Groups grid by giving administrators the ability to activate/deactivate groups

This update also contains some big changes to our social features including direct replies to posts and comments, and image cropping. For more information about other changes in this update, see Social Updates: Replies and Image Cropping.

These features are now available on Playgrounds and will be released to live platforms in the coming weeks.

Changes to Account Group Name Behaviour

We've streamlined Account Group Names to be more consistent throughout the platform, including the way they are displayed and behave on the management page.

By default, Account Group Names and Abbreviations at the country level will be the same as they are at the World level, thanks to a new checkbox called Use Default Name found on the Update Group page.

When this checkbox is enabled, the name and abbreviation of an Account Group at the National level will be locked and automatically updated when the name is changed at the World level.

This checkbox can be disabled if you'd like to give your National level group a custom name and abbreviation specific for that country.

New Account Groups that appear at the National level will also have the preceding "None – " removed from the name to make the grid easier to read.

Additionally, Account Group Names will no longer be lost when a group is deactivated. This will make it easier to get a group up and running once it's activated and ready-to-use.


Activate and deactivate account groups directly from the grid

The grid on the Account Group management page has also been updated with a new Active column, allowing you to activate and deactivate groups directly within the grid. This will allow you to quickly activate new groups, or deactivate old groups if they don't contain any user accounts.

Furthermore, the Update Group page has also been updated for the optional Employee 2-10 groups to show a message if a group cannot be deactivated if it contains active user accounts. The Active checkbox will also be disabled, preventing users from selecting it and causing an error.

Should you have any questions about these changes, feel free to get in touch with our Support Team at wmsupport@franconnect.com.

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