Viewing Seek Applicants

If a candidate applies for a position using the "Apply with Seek" button/functionality, it gets reported in the platform. This makes it useful for recruitment managers (and the like) to see the 'source' of their applicants.

Note: For more information on the "Apply with Seek" functionality, you can refer to the Apply with Seek Workflow article.

There are two (2) methods for viewing Seek applicants within the platform, as below:

Method #1 - Recruitment Tool

1. Go to Human Resources → Recruitment

2. Click on the SEEK button

3. Click on the SEEK Applicants button

On the 'SEEK Applicants' page you will see a table with the following columns/headings:

  • ID: Application ID number
  • Job ID: Job/position ID number
  • Name: Applicant's (full) name
  • Applied: Application status ('tick' icon = complete | 'cross' icon = incomplete)
  • Email: Applicant's email address
  • Phone: Applicant's contact number
  • Import Date: Application date
  • View: Direct link to applicant profile

Note: The 'magnifying glass' (view) icon only appears if the application status is 'complete'.

Tip: Use the Refresh button to reload the page and get a list of the latest applicants.

Method #2 - Stats and Reports Tool

1. Go to System → Stats and Reports

2. Click on the Recruitment button

3. Under the Detailed Stats section, select the 'Applicant Source' option

4. In the 'Position' drop-down, select a position [optional]

Note: By default, all positions are selected.

3. Click on the Generate button

The report results show 'percentage' figures of each applicant 'source' type (e.g. internal, external, seek etc.).

Tip: For more information on this report type, you can refer to the Recruitment → Applicant Source article.

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