v10.1 National Level Account Group Management

Thanks to the valuable feedback from our brand community we have made our first change to the World Manager Hierarchy. This was released to live platforms on April 29, 2020. This release is the first of many designed to improve hierarchy management on your World Manager platform.

In this release we've made some improvements to the Account Groups page, modernising the page design and introduced new permissions that allow National Managers to manage groups in their country. These changes lead to a more streamlined process for creating and managing account groups, making it easier to control groups across your entire organisation.

This release is currently available on Playgrounds so check out the details in this blog below then head over to your playground to take a look!

Note: No changes to existing hierarchy structures have been made in this release. 

Account Groups Page Redesign

The System → Account Group page has been redesigned with a new page layout making it easier to get an overview of accounts on your platform at both World and National Level. On these pages you'll see two new columns that show the number of active accounts and total accounts at the specified level, letting you see how many users are assigned to each account group.

Note: If you'd like to get an in-depth look at users in each Account Group or make changes to accounts, you will need to navigate to System →  Accounts as normal. At National level, you'll be able to see users in each country and location, including all active and inactive users. No changes have been made to the Accounts page.



The Update Group page has also been refreshed with a clean and simplified design, providing an easy way to modify the Name and Abbreviation for each account group at World and Now National Level.

Managing Account Groups at National Level

We've also moved the ability to manage account groups from World level to National level, giving both World Managers and National Managers access to:

  • Activate different employee groups for each country, and
  • Customise account group names and abbreviations on a per-country basis

Note: National Managers can not create new employee groups, this is still managed at World Level.


V10.0 (Managing Account Groups from World Level)

V10.1 (Managing Account Groups from National Level)

How it works

The Account Groups page at National level looks similar to the page at World level but with a few important differences:

  • The Name column shows the name and abbreviation of the account group at the National level, followed by the default name defined at World level
  • The Active Accounts and Total Accounts columns show the respective account numbers for the current country only at National Level an accumulative total at World level for all countries.
  • The Active column has been added, allowing you to activate/deactivate additional employee groups that were created at World level

Note: Additional Employee account groups created at World level will be added to each country and set to Inactive by default. To activate a new account group at National level, both World and National Managers can go to the Account Groups page at National level and use the Active button for the appropriate account group.

New Permission for National Managers

The existing Account Groups permission in Fusebox has been extended to add support for National Managers, allowing you to easily manage permissions for all National Managers in your organisation.

Additionally, a new Account Custom Permission called Account Groups has been added to the System category for National Managers, controlling access to the National level Account Groups page for individual users.

National Managers with default permissions can access the Account Groups page at National level straight away – no permission changes are required.

National Managers with custom permissions will not have this permission by default and it must be added manually. See Account Custom Permissions for further instructions.

Info: If you would like to disable the ability for National Managers to manage account groups please do so via Fusebox permission above upon release or contact wmsupport@franconnect.com if you wish to set a list of custom permissions per user accounts.

Note: National Managers will be able to edit the Name and Abbreviation for the World Manager account group at the National level, but will not be able to view the number of Active and Total accounts for the group to ensure their privacy.

Should you have any questions or require assistance setting this up, get in touch with our Support Team at wmsupport@franconnect.com.

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