Exit Interview Upgrades for Managers

October 16, 2019, an update was released to Playgrounds that upgrades Exit Interviews. In addition to a refreshed interface, this update will make it easier for managers to view exit interview results by:

  • Allowing more manager groups to view exit interview results from the Exit InterviewsView Results page
  • Introducing email and push notifications, sent to managers when an exit interview has been completed

These changes were released to live platforms on October 23, 2019

Note: Managers can already access Exit Interviews for their direct staff via Stats and Reports if the exit interview template has Privacy Setting disabled. When Privacy Setting is enabled only National Manager Level accounts can access the interview results.

Permission Updates for Managers

Store managers, general managers and area managers will now be able to access Exit Interview results for their store or area directly within the Exit Interviews tool. This is achieved by extending permission to the Exit Interviews tool in Fusebox and Custom Account Permissions.


New Fusebox permissions have been enabled for SM, GM and AM account groups, giving them access to Exit Interviews in the toolbox with functionality limited to View Results.

Users in these account groups will automatically gain access to view Exit Interview results if their account has default account group permissions.

The screenshot below highlights the new default permissions assigned to SM, GM and AM accounts.

Custom Account Permissions

Custom account permissions have also been updated to give platform administrators additional control over which manager-level accounts can manage exit interview templates, view and delete exit interview results. This is useful if you'd like to customise which users can access this functionality.

  • WM users can delete exit interview results
  • WM and NM users can manage exit interview templates and view exit interview results
  • SM, GM and AM users can view exit interview results only

To remove access to any of these tools for a specific user, simply go to their profile, scroll to Permission and select Custom, untick the applicable checkbox and select Update.

Note: Custom account permissions will not be enabled by default for existing SM, GM, AM users with custom permissions enabled.

Pictured above: (Left) WM custom permissions, with access to Delete Results, Manage and Results. (Middle) NM custom permissions, with access to Manage and Results. (Right) SM, GM, AM custom permissions, with access to Results only.

Viewing Exit Interview Results

Managers with the appropriate permissions can now view exit interview results from the Exit InterviewsView Results page.

If you've accessed Exit Interview results before, you'll notice that the page has seen some visual improvements.

The results table has been updated with our modern styling and now lists the 40 most recent exit interviews, rather than loading all exit interviews on record – allowing the page to load faster than ever before. Older results will still be accessible by selecting different pages found at the bottom of the table. 

Exit interviews will be sorted by date and contain the following details:

  • Survey: The name of the survey/group template that was completed
  • Completed by: The name of the user who completed the exit interview survey
  • Location: The store/area location assigned to the user
  • Date: When the exit interview survey was completed
  • View: Shortcut to view the exit interview survey results
  • Delete: Shortcut to delete the exit interview survey from the table (WM only)

Tip: Exit Interview results can also be accessed via Stats and Reports.


Clicking on the View button or the name of an exit interview will load the results of the interview:

Enabling Notifications for Managers

A new checkbox has been added to the Exit Interview Template allowing all managers (SM, GM, AM and NM) associated with an employee's store or area to receive push and email notifications when an exit interview has been completed.

New Exit Interview templates will have notifications enabled by default.

Existing Exit Interview templates will have notifications disabled by default.

To enable email and push notifications for an existing exit interview template:

  1. Go to Exit Interviews
  2. Find your desired Exit Interview template, then click the Edit icon
  3. Check/enable the Notify Manager on Completion checkbox
  4. Click Update

Note: Notifications will not be sent to a manager if Exit Interview Fusebox or custom account permissions are not enabled on their account.

Updating Mobile Push Notification Settings

We have added Exit Interviews to the Push Notification Settings.

Managers will be prompted to review their notification settings the first time they open the app after this update.

Tapping Review will load the Notification Settings view, where a new Exit Interviews slider—enabled by default—has been added to control whether or not they will receive push notifications from that module.

Note: Managers will not receive a prompt or see the Exit Interviews slider if Exit Interview Fusebox or custom account permissions are not enabled on their account.

Customising your notification message

The email notification can be updated by platform administrators by editing the new Exit Interviews System Email Template. This can be done at:

World-level – to apply the email template to all countries

Country-level – to apply the email template to a specific country only

To update the email template:

  1. Navigate to your desired world or country level
  2. In the Toolbox, select System Configuration, then System Email Templates
  3. Scroll to Human ResourcesExit Interviews, then select Exit Interview Completed

To learn more, see Creating Email Templates.

Should you require more information, please get in touch with our Support Team via wmsupport@franconnect.com or contact your Relationship Manager.

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